The beginning of a fallen new life is always like this. Volume 60

Chapter 60
Today last year, the peach blossoms in this door set each other off.
Peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze when people don’t know where to go.
Time is like water, the deceased is like this. A absolute beauty woman stands in the wind by the river, but she can’t hide her exquisite body at all. It’s natural and elegant. It’s like a fan of eyelashes dotted with a few drops of water. Is it tears? Or early morning rain and dew? Is it a fairy or a vulgar woman who seems to be out of touch with people?
Another spring. Which one is it? Her eyes light condensate floating into the distance …
Five years? Five years, right? Everything should be changed, right?
Loved like?
What if you hated it?
But since water still flows, though we cut it with our swords should dissipate into clouds as time goes by.
Just as the river washes away everything in the past and washes away all the dust, it suddenly reminds me of a song that the Yangtze River dies in the east and the waves wash away the heroes’ success or failure … How many things are paid in a joke in ancient and modern times?
A trace of bitterness escapes from the lip corner, but I still miss him. Even after so long, I still can’t help thinking that he will still feel sorry for him, okay?
The left hand gently lifted the haircut, and the hair was blown out before the forehead. A touch of green in that hand met the rising spring day and shook her eyes with memories.
Now her name is Jing Xuan, a name that didn’t have any similarity before. I still remember that she once had a better name than this. Mu Ziling looked as clear as a reflection in a mirror lake, and that absolutely beautiful figure turned out to be another person, a very beautiful person, but not Mu Ziling.
I remember when I just woke up, I really couldn’t believe that I didn’t die! It might have gone back to modern times, and dying like everyone thought, or it might have been a way to travel through time. But when she looked up and saw a familiar face with a smile like a child, she was out of control and exclaimed, "Why are you here?"
Before I could wait for an answer, another scream escaped from her mouth, pointing at her voice like crazy. Why does it sound a little immature? I dare not think about it directly. I jumped out of bed and rushed to one side. The faded but neat flat table picked up a mottled mirror! Is this her? About 12 or 13. Really? She almost threw away the mirror in despair and frowned at the familiar face in front of her, trying to calm her emotions.
"Say what is this? !” Force pointed to himself.
"It’s yourself." The man still didn’t take her reaction seriously, but he jumped excitedly. "I knew it. The monk wouldn’t lie to me. Why is my Xuanji disciple so short-lived?"
"Monk?" She frowned even more. Looking at Xuanji, she was happy and suddenly said coldly, "If you don’t explain it to me clearly, I’ll see that there won’t be anyone else." She ate him.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t" Xuanji shook his head like a rattle for a long time before he sighed deeply.
"Do you remember when I suddenly left the barracks?" Xuanji also fell into memories. "In fact, I am not only interested in medicine, but also in metaphysics. You should remember the monk in cloth, right? He is my brother, and we are all destined for you because we all owe you our lives in previous lives. 1,500 years ago, you were the most beloved princess of the Dragon King in the East China Sea, and we were just trying to escape from the world to cultivate mortals. I still remember that we were at the critical moment when we broke through the mystery, but we didn’t want to arouse the jealousy of the snake demon in the mountain. You know that even a little mistake would have been made at that time, not only would we have wasted all our efforts, but also our defense ability would have been the lowest. At this critical moment, you happened to pass by and were intoxicated by the charming scenery in the mountain. Because of you, my brother and I converted to each other, but I didn’t expect that after 500 years, you violated the dogma because you fell in love with the general in heaven privately. Both of you were demoted and tasted the bitterness, and thanked you for your kindness and complied with God’s will.
Paused and glanced at Muziling, who was a little surprised. "I won’t go into details about what happened before. Since I left, I’ve calculated your final doom. I’ll find you a body corresponding to the five elements of your soul. We’ve found the hell and revised your current body life and death book. Your current body name is Jing Xuan, who is thirteen years old and famous. Her family fortune has gradually declined due to natural and man-made disasters. Her parents have passed away and you are left alone. This is why you are all alone now.
"Jing Xuan?" Muziling repeating this name, let Muziling blowing in the wind. She likes this name. Jingxuan is very good. Everything starts from the beginning. Volume 55.
Chapter 55
Three points are beautiful, one point is lonely, and the Zheng Zheng is still ringing here today. Looking for the old dream through the Millennium, it is vaguely drifting in the end of the world and falling in Yecheng. I am sad and tearful, and my hands are ringing. Ding-dong, Ding-dong, my hands are low, my eyebrows are playing and playing, and my heart is limited.
There are tears in the eyes, tears in the eyes, tears in the eyes, tears in the eyes, and lonely sighs alone for thousands of years.
Sad and yet elegant, Pei Xinlei is not only refreshed, but also shocked. She is disappointed, what she knows and thinks, but he doesn’t understand?
Being together for a long time means that two people will always be together, whether they are alive or dead, just like a cliff. Two ivy trees are intertwined, growing and flourishing together, enduring the most malicious attacks of wind and rain together, enjoying the warmest sunshine and caressing together, rotting and rotting together, and falling into a deep pool of smoke and dust. Neither the gods nor the hell officials can make them succumb to true love.
It turns out that happiness in the eyes of ordinary people is such a luxury for them! !
On whether you are high or not;
On the depth, you are not deep in the sea;
On the fact that people belong to the same end of the world
I have been happy, angry, sad, happy, successful and defeated, but it will never last forever.
"Ding-"is a sharp break because they are quiet and intoxicated in the piano. Pei Xinlei suddenly woke up with a start. When he looked at Muziling’s finger and dyed the strings with blood, his heart ached like a wring. He quickly took out the healing medicine from his arms and tore out clean cotton from his clothes. She bandaged it carefully and gently.
"I’m fine" looking at Pei Xinlei’s face is very distressed. Muziling is very guilty. At that time, he was too involved in forgetting the pain.
"Let’s go-"Pei Xinlei, after she bandaged it, suddenly picked up Muziling’s body lightly, and she was already in the backyard of Yingbin Building. Their rooms had already turned off the lights, and it seemed that she had already fallen asleep. The night was not early.
"Does it still hurt?" When Pei Xinlei put Mu Ziling in her bed, it was very cut.
Muziling naughtily spat out his sweet tongue and shook his head lovingly. Did you finish just now? She really defeated me. She always diverts your attention so easily. Pei Xinlei sighed naively.
"Don’t play it easily after that song is too beautiful." When Pei Xinlei recalled the lingering sadness, it was like a sign of separation for a long time.
"Stay together for a long time" Mu Ziling crooned "A pot of sake and a peach blossom in Chang ‘an Moon are eager to light up in fantasy. When I think of you, I have begun to be crazy and stay together for a long time. Yes, after the mask is charming, I hide my poems. I feel that you are like welcoming flowers, but I am free. I feel like smelling a bee and loving you …"
"Is this also a long time together?" Pei Xinlei searched for the same style but different lyrics in Qintai just now.
"Yes-"Mu Ziling nodded gently and stopped singing, and her eyes were as bright as the stars. "I will tell you about its beautiful story-"
"Good" Pei Xinlei looked at Muziling’s bright eyes and couldn’t help but feel a ripple in his heart. Once again, he sounded affectionate in Muziling’s ear. "I forgot myself since I wandered into the world. I didn’t know who I was until I met you? Thank you shine. "
He bowed his head and kissed the beautiful and tender lip, which seemed to be full of long and far-reaching thoughts.
Although Mu Ziling was shy, she didn’t refuse him. Although she knew that such ambiguity might be out of control at such a moment, there was a hope in her heart that she would like to be hurt and loved by him like this until the end of time … Thinking of this, her eyes were full of happiness. She took the initiative to hook Pei Xinlei’s neck and responded to him with enthusiasm.
Originally, I wanted to taste it. Pei Xinlei was surprised by Mu Ziling’s eagerness to respond. When he saw Mu Ziling’s desire for words, he also welcomed shyness. The fire in his heart was like pouring hot oil on the pledge.
Now he wants to really, really have her and embed her deeply in his body. He wants her, he wants her! Is so urgent! So eager! Because of the urgency, his grandeur swelled to the point of pain, and drinking low was like a different person. At this moment, he was like the all-powerful general in the battlefield, almost madly robbing the city and plundering the land.
Spitting out the fragrant incense is confusing the golden candlelight, alluding to the burning of the limbs and pointing to the delicious green of the breasts … I want to imagine that the wind is still tonight, and the fog is lost, and the passion blooms like flowers, listening to the insects outside the window singing passionately and smelling beautifully!
I don’t know when the bed curtain will hang down a room, and men and women love and suppress moans like the most beautiful music in the world, singing and dancing.
A faint, if purple light pours out from Mu Ziling’s wrist when they are in love, and it seems naughty, witnessing and waiting for them.
Such a beautiful interwoven picture is like a dream, like a spring. Volume 70
Chapter 70
"Abortion is here." Jing Xuan searched for the memory that the street stretched out his hand and rolled open the curtain, and he saw that the guest house was busy ordering abortion aside.
"Yes, Mrs." Abortion turned meekly and looked out at a middle-aged man in his forties. "Liu Shu is here."
"Woo-"Liu Kainan skillfully stopped the moving horse and slowly pulled over.
Abortion jumps first. Jingxuan looks at her smartly and can’t help but look at her. She is as smart as Xiao Qiao’s shadow, but when she leaves, she doesn’t forget to say "Thank you for your hard work, Liu Shu. Go back first."