God is even more surprised. "So the young lady is full of energy after sleeping for two hours?" Emma, little lady is really mighty. Uh, hehe, I definitely didn’t underestimate what you mean. I just praised little lady hehe … "

The magic handsome face turned black. "I cleaned her up last night and cried for mercy. I am more powerful than her, okay?"
God haunts and dares to refute, but he is silently voicing. What, have you slept until now?
Magic has finally found a reasonable explanation after pondering for a long time. "I always invested a little more than her last night. It seems that I forgot to double my major for a while and she took advantage of it."
"That is to say, your defense was improper, and you were picked by the young lady to make up the yin?"
The so-called double cultivation means that men and women complement each other, but if one party does not repair properly, it will be adopted by the other party.
Magic didn’t speak is the default.
God smiled. "Hey, you have to be careful after that. Don’t be drained by the young lady. You are also a leader. You can beat all the men in the Wulin, old and young, but you are fainted by a little girl. Say it out …"
"Shut up!" The magic became angry and shouted at it, "Fuck off!"
God snorted coolly and woke up. "Go away, but you should go back to the North City."
Magic didn’t good the spirit way "always want to go back and decide for yourself!" "
"Three fairs, being a man can’t be too sexual. You had sex once yesterday. You cut down the Uber and slept. What do you want to do? What are you doing here? Wait for Zhou to get cold and take revenge? This is his territory after all! "
Magic didn’t speak.
God added, "or are you waiting to sleep again, madam?" Hehe, don’t think about it. Duke Liang was generous to you once last night, and you still expect him to always be so generous? Besides, my cousin will be back soon, so it’s not your turn. It’s even worse if you don’t eat it, you know? "
Magic eyes flashing or silent.
God sighed, "Beicheng still needs you very much. The two brothers and sisters in Meng’s family have gone back. They are here to make preparations for Jiang’s family when they go back. Can you rest assured if you don’t watch it? It won’t be long before the two families will tear up. There are Zhou Hanhan, my cousin and Er Gong, but Beicheng can wait for you to go back and defend! "
The magic finally spoke with some reluctance. "It’s sad to be old together!"
God advised, "where are you sad?" Dagong is working in Huadu, too. Besides, the young lady will go to the North City to film. Are you still worried? Really depressed is also the Dagong wheel. No, you still have the Uber at the bottom. You are more than enough. "
After hearing this, I was magically relieved. Sure enough, there was something worse than myself, and all the bad moods were cured.
Magic didn’t wait for warmth to come back and have lunch, so he left with Fu Yun. But before he left, he went to greet Zhou Hanhan. Didn’t you pick up the old saying? Hehe, the old man personally visited you and abused you.
Zhou Hanhan has returned to Zhou’s home to recuperate. I heard that magic has come. I sneer at the door and sent a reinforced platoon to block it.
But who’s the magic? It’s hard to get old when the door is open. He flew straight in, rushing around a large group of people with heavy weapons, and learned that the people in front of him were hurt. They admired the Duke of Zhou most, and they all looked at the magic with hostility.
Of course, there are also surprises and curiosity.
In the end, the battle didn’t start. Zhou Hannan came out and removed a group of people. He was entangled in his face and invited the magic to go in. The magic didn’t stay in Zhou Hanfang for long. When he finished, he wanted to say that he had shown his glory again and he walked away.
Before leaving, I gave Zhou Hannan that slashing broadsword, even if Zhou Hannan didn’t accept it. People say it’s a door-to-door gift, and he’s a polite person.
Zhou Hannan "…"
Well, look at this treasure knife, which has a history of more than 1000 years and is a favorite of a famous soldier, so he won’t throw it out.
As soon as this broadsword is collected, it is also a return of the previous favor. He and his second brother have also received gifts from others. The box of jade articles is also of high ancient value, and now it is a reciprocal favor.
But he also took one more thing. When he went back to Beicheng, he went back by plane.
Fu Yun is sitting in a luxurious plane with him alone, but he wants to cry. I don’t know whether to mourn or show off the hero. Can you not use the private jet as a fighter? Are you really not afraid of being hit by a missile when you do such a difficult move in the sky?
When I came back warm and late, the magic was long gone. She was a little surprised to see the swinging room. Did the bear child just leave without saying a word?
Enthusiasm poking fun at 1 "how? Warm children can’t bear to part with their third brother? "
Warm and angry at him, he turned back to his bedroom and dressed. The bed in the bedroom was still so messy. She couldn’t help but face black after reading it. He must have done it on purpose.
Indeed as expected to come in longing to see the tone is sour "last night was really fierce? Third brother, this is to want to leave a souvenir for you? People are gone, but the smell is still warm. Can you sleep tonight? "
Warm heart couldn’t help teasing him. "If you don’t welcome me to your place, I probably can’t sleep. After all, your third brother made such a deep mark on this bed that I really won’t forget it for a while …"
Before she finished talking about her longing, she rushed to press her on the bed and cleaned her up until her body marks added his straightness until she begged for mercy and admitted that he was even more memorable.
The next day, I woke up with longing and opened my eyes. The first sentence was "Fortunately, I didn’t sleep until noon like my third brother. It seems that you didn’t work hard enough for me last night."
Warm "…"
Say how powerful and magnificent she is!
After Fu Yunyi also came back from Nancheng, when they were together, they didn’t deliberately talk about Zhou Hanhan and wonders as if they were the same as before, but she still felt the change in the evening.
He is braver than before!
In fact, they are more brave and fascinated. They seem to have a tacit understanding. They will not stop until they have a good time every night. If they want to say that they are still covered with a layer of human skin before, then now they are completely brutalized.
She guessed that it was probably because she had a double study with the magic. Since that night, she has been full of energy, which is incredible. Even if it is hard and late, she will recover quickly the next day.
This outrageous fighting capacity makes them more and more reckless.
The nightlife that belongs to them becomes * * It’s a fairy day to take pictures during the day and * * at night.
This day flies by. At 23 o’clock in the twelfth lunar month, the scene in the imperial city was finally finished. After that, I went to Beicheng to shoot another part.
Several people are ready to go back to Huadu for the Spring Festival, and the sacred words are endless like death warrants. He didn’t stop until Warm promised that he could start after buying gifts.
I haven’t strolled across the street since I came to Huadu, and this opportunity is just right for me to walk around.
In order not to attract attention, all three people were armed before going out, wearing the same couple’s down masks, hats and sunglasses. Wu and others saw it in their hearts but thought, Is this armed really true? Yes, no one can see your faces, but the eyes of the masses are still sharp. It is not uncommon to wear lovers’ clothes on the street, but have you ever seen three people wearing lovers’ clothes?
It’s hard not to arouse reverie!
A few people got off the bus and went to the bustling block of the imperial city. Last night, there was another heavy snow. There were not many cars on the road, so it was a bit pleasant to live slowly.
Lu Wu’s cell phone rang. He looked at the eye number and his expression got tangled up.
Fu Yunyi, sitting in the back row, guessed who was calling. "It’s not convenient for your car to answer the phone. Fu Xue, give me Wu’s mobile phone and I’ll answer it for him."
"Master" Fu Xue handed Fu Yunyi his mobile phone without asking Wu’s opinion.
Wu "…" It’s inconvenient for him to drive, but there are other ways.
Seeing Wu’s bitterness, he couldn’t say how warm he was. He gave Fu Yunyi a look, and Fu Yunyi raised his eyebrows and asked, "Otherwise, Wener will pick it up?"
Warm, face-skimming, and fascinating, Gherardini eyes "It seems that Warm Son doesn’t want to pick it up, cousin, you’d better trouble you."
"To say" Fu Yunyi calmly picked it up and listened to the end. "Did she go out? Where are you going? "
Fu Yunyi ah "duke of zhou mouth who is she referring to? Are you looking forward to an encounter when you are thinking about it at this moment? "
Zhou was not shocked, but it wasn’t a big surprise. He replied slowly, "It’s warm to keep me thinking about nature all the time. You guess it’s right. I really want to meet her by chance or date is more appropriate."
It is said that Fu Yunyi’s handsome face is heavy and his voice is chilly. "It seems that you are still too light to be magically cut, so you can jump on the bed so soon."