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"Here we are." Robert was in a good mood when Chu Xuan promised to help him. He called Qin Jing to stop the minibus and took the lead, and of course his partner Sam.
"Zhanlan scan around to see if there is anyone or something nearby" Qin Jing ordered Zhanlan.
It stands to reason that they are absolutely safe during the day, but be careful to sail for ten thousand years. Qin Jing is still white
Zhanlan nodded and closed his eyes.
At this time, I managed to take care of Liu Renjia, who was a little unwell. Finally, Qi Teng suddenly said, "Come and have a look at Liu Renjia. There seems to be something wrong …"
At the same time, Zhan Lan suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Qi Teng in one direction. "Something is wrong." She spoke to Qin Jing and said, "There is a person whose mental energy suddenly becomes very low, as if …"
"Get out of the way of Qi Teng!" Before ZhanLan finish Qin Jing has been the first step to Qi Teng roared because he saw a faster figure to Qi Teng … Impressively, it just seems that Liu Renjia has four limbs!
At the moment, his appearance has changed greatly, and some of his skin color is yellowish and thin. Now it seems that only the dead are grayish black, and he moves too fast. Qi Teng didn’t turn his head in a row, so he was rushed out from behind and Liu Renjia bit his neck.
"ah!" Qi Teng screamed, and he tried to hold up his head tightly now, but now their strength is too different from each other, even though he desperately tried to get rid of the figure behind him in exchange for biting more violently.
Blood was splashed on B, C and D in the moment when Liu Renjia bit Qi Teng, but now they just woke up in a hubbub and crawled around desperately trying to stay away from that bloody place.
The screams in the whole minibus began to break out one after another, but ironically, those screams came from the men who claimed to be big men on weekdays, and the two women Zhao Ying and Ming Yan Wei in the couple seemed to be much calmer. Apart from Zhao Ying, the killer, not to mention Ming Yan Wei, was calmly retreating step by step in addition to looking a little pale.
"Damn" Qin Jing thundered and hit a white thunder. At the same time, he reflected that together with the screams, they could point their guns and attack each other. Unexpectedly, they arrived in front of Liu Renjia strangely at the same time and collided together, so that Lai should be killed. Liu Renjia magically escaped this fatal attack.
Losing his mind and becoming a half-beast, Liu Renjia’s intuition about danger is obviously still there. He immediately noticed the threat posed by two men.
At the sight of his mouth, Qi Teng, who weighed 100 kilograms, jumped up at a stroke, then suddenly thought of Qin Jing and threw it in their direction, while he jumped to the side and smashed the bus glass and jumped out.
"Point!" Took the Qi Teng a Qin Jing toward the point called the latter very tacit understanding has been taking out the sniper rifle from the broken window hole aimed outward.
The first shot was shot out, but Liu Renjia conveniently twisted and hid in the past.
I didn’t expect Liu Renjia to be able to dodge the attack with a treble sniper bullet!
The second shot is already unable to come.
"He’s too flexible." I watched the black shadow hide behind the arch before I put the sniper rifle.
"It’s very important for us to catch him. This test sample is very important for us to live in this horror film." I don’t know when Chu Xuan has got up and watched the shadow disappear in a feverish way, as if he had just escaped not from a monster but from piles of gold bars.
"White" Qin Jingwen nodded his head, and the whole person flashed that everyone was hard to see and disappeared from the window
The whole carriage was quiet, and the new people were shocked. They looked at each other with pale faces. From Liu Renjia’s change to Qi Teng’s bite to the captain’s hand, he flashed like white light, and then he suddenly disappeared in front of everyone. All this happened so fast that they didn’t even think … It seems that until now they realized that the girl who told them and the captain were all true … The world is really hurting and dying …
Zhao Ying alone looked at the place where Qin Jing disappeared and his eyes flashed. "He is so strong …"
"You are not the plague" at this time, a voice suddenly came out from behind everyone. "Who are you?"
Chapter VI Nightmare Strength and Mutant Virus?
Qin Jing anxiously shuttled through the dilapidated buildings. He had already opened his eyes and watched Liu Renjia’s gray energy, which made people worry.
Qin Jing looked up at the dying sunshine.
Too soon, the first infected person appeared before they arrived in this world for half a day. So who are the remaining people?
Qin Jing didn’t think about the spread of the virus in this horror film and the possible variation of the nightmare strength. Liu Renjia showed her humanity and strength at the beginning of the change, which didn’t surprise Qin Jing too much, but the variation of virus infection …
Qin Jing felt that a little worry in his heart had begun to spread in his heart.
Lord God, you big ye, you really want to annihilate us!
Liu Renjia’s spiritual energy suddenly became rich in front of a low-rise house. Compared with the death energy just now, it is like the whole surging ocean.
Qin Jing’s figure is in front of the house, where there is a small garden and a swing wrapped by vines. He is alone in the high grass hut, which is not too high to the east, but it just blocks the sun and opens a long shadow on the ground.
Liu Renjia’s energy is broken here, just like the whole thing is integrated into this shadow.
Has the change been completed and you are afraid of the sun? Qin Jing hesitated a.
At this time, a sudden gust of wind descended from behind Qin Jing, like a black flash across the shadow in front of the whole garden.
He still jumped, even though he had mutated to complete his strength, when he was still on the bus, because he was facing Qin Jing instead of Qi Teng!
When his figure flashed, Qin Jing appeared two meters away. He landed quietly in front of Renjia, but observed it.
At the moment, Liu Renjia’s head has gone completely. Although his skin color is gray, it is strangely smooth. The blue blood vessels are buried in the skin, which is particularly clear. He still wears jeans and jackets. His teeth have not sharpened as expected, but the bite force has been turned upside down.
Hear Liu Renjia growl Qin Jing gently hum a left hand and stretch an arm thickness bright white flash by five fingers hovering condensed into a pike straight into the eyes Liu Renjia.
At the moment, Qin Jing is very different from the alien. Even though his absolute power has not increased much, the destructive power of those moves is far from the same.
However, this shot also hit Liu Renjia when Leili was about to arrive, and the latter suddenly twisted in a very strange posture, which really escaped Qin Jing’s attack.
Qin Jing was surprised to see that landing on all fours had made Liu Renjia feel a little uneasy. He knew that some wild animals were extremely sensitive to danger, and it was obvious that Liu Renjia, a nightmare, was one of them.
Although some people were amazed at the nightmare’s reactivity, Qin Jing’s attack didn’t stop. His feet seemed to have white light and began to spread outward. At the same time, Liu Renjia’s feet also condensed out an aperture pattern engraved with complicated patterns, which looked a little like Qin Jing’s show to the public before and after, but it was a little different.
Nightmare obviously has a foot aperture, but before he can react, four strands of purple light rope are ejected from the aperture grain, tightly wrapping his limbs, and he can’t move even if he struggles.
It is very powerful, even if it is similar to aliens. Qin Jing looks at Liu Renjia with an expression on his face. Suddenly, a light rope condenses his eyes and seals Liu Renjia’s mouth, which is about to roar.
Like Chu Xuan, Qin Jing was also observing, but he regarded nightmare as a potential enemy to evaluate their combat effectiveness. He took the strongest moves with one hand, but the result was that although it was powerful, it was not enough to threaten the whole Zhongzhou team, especially the Zhongzhou team now.
It seems that our threat is still in the illusory virus … Qin Jing has some nai to think of because he has the ability to root in this respect.
At the same time, half a kilometer away from Qin Jing, the Zhongzhou team looked back at Robert, who was carrying weapons.
"You are not the epidemic, but you are still alive after the outbreak for so long. So tell me who you are or where you come from?"