No matter how strong the opponent is, no matter the final outcome, she can’t stop now, and she doesn’t want to stop, even if she is scarred and bruised, she must stick to the end.

YanGong stretched out his hand and touched her forehead and asked her if she was stimulated by anything. This decision is so sudden, it’s almost a joke. How could she make such a decision with her precision and composure?
She shook Yan Hong’s hand and said that she was very awake when she frankly confessed to him. She clearly knew that she was really passionate about him and was willing to invest her feelings in him. In her eyes, he was the only man worthy of her dedication, both the first choice in her life and the only choice in this life.
Yan Hong and his wife are speechless, and their opponents are so powerful that they must use the right medicine to get rid of several people by hook or by crook. Love is selfish and never absolutely fair. If you want to win, you must play some tricks.
She made a forbidden gesture to repeat what Yang Qinghua and Ye Yuhan said. They have such a mind. Isn’t she Bai Lina? They are gentlemen, and she can’t be a villain.
Besides, no matter what she does, Platinum Essence will soon be seen through by him, and then it will be too late to regret it. No matter what she does, it will be difficult to make up for it, and she will definitely shoot herself in the foot and ask for it.
Before, she didn’t have such a private love, so generous and open-minded. Whether it was Yang Qinghua or Ye Yuhan’s actions, she corrected her prejudice and narrow ideas.
They have no jealousy, no jealousy, mutual respect and love as sisters. Don’t raise their hands to welcome her to join Superman. It’s just that they are friendly, United and have no blood relationship, but they are better than sisters. The spirit of openness and mutual love is enough for her to learn for life.
Yangong and Xiao Yi people once again took her to Wang Qian’s two-bedroom apartment. Three people just entered the room and the line rang. Li-na Bai turned and grabbed the microphone and asked her what she wanted.
The word is that Qiu Shui doesn’t answer and asks who she is. How can she be at Platinum’s home? She can’t figure out Qiu Shui’s identity, but she is a clever person. She listens to Qiu Shui’s tone and introduces herself simply, saying that several platinum people practice on the balcony.
Qiushui giggled and asked her if she loved platinum. Bai Lina nodded shyly and colchicine laughed again, saying that she couldn’t get into the building without a key and bothered her to unlock the door.
Bai Lina turned around and found that the microphone behind the security door was locked and walked past.
Colchicine came into the living room and looked carefully at Lina Bai’s happy laughter. Yan Hong and Xiao Yi emerged together to see the face of colchicine when they heard the laughter. They stayed for colchicine at the same time, and the comprehensive charm was never Yang Qinghua.
Colchicine ignored them through the living room to the balcony, cocked his head and looked at Platinum. He felt that he had lost a lot of weight. He returned to the living room and whispered in Bai Lina’s arm to tease her. She was a future competitor. She had an agreement with Platinum. She was born at the age of 18 and formally joined her every day. She was her future rival in love.
Yan Hong and Xiao Yi were silly, but Bai Lina smiled and pulled her to sit down. She also helped Qiu Shui pour half a glass of water, saying that Platinum and Yang Qinghua had never participated in her as minors, but her eyes betrayed her.
Qiushui giggled and asked her what she did. Better than a monkey, I saw through her at a glance. She said that it was 8% correct. Before Liu Xinyu and Ai Wei Er appeared, she really liked platinum. It was Liu Xinyu and Ai Wei Er who shattered her dream and brought her back to reality. The love between men and women gradually sublimated into true brotherhood.
Bai Lina briefly introduced her work, smiled, and said that she was not afraid of poverty. When she had no money, she asked her to borrow her and platinum, no matter how much she borrowed, I believe she would not refuse.
Platinum got up and strode into the living room. Qiu Shui broke free from Bai Lina’s hug and jumped on her arm. Platinum put her in her arms and kissed her face and asked her if she was suffering from sleepwalking. Not only got up early, but also came to see him specially.
She smiled mischievously and whispered whether it was feasible for him to try it tonight. She spent four hours studying the τ-fen fiber carbon sent by Ivell and found a new way. She decided to make the remaining fiber carbon into a special flying knife. Now he can shoot through a 5 cm steel plate with a knife of 1 ~ meters.
He laughed happily and said that she would be rewarded with a banquet tonight to welcome Bai Lina by the way. Yan Hong and the two were not happy. They asked him if there was Bai Lina in his eyes.
He smiled and shook his head and said that Bai Lina was the protagonist-they were accompanying guests, not that he was partial, not that he despised them, but that Bai Lina had joined the competition and he had completely changed.
Yangong two people speechless Yang Qinghua and Ye Yuhan into the living room a left a right holding colchicine arm asked her where she wanted to go? Qiushui wanted to mean to say that everything should be notified to her before 6 o’clock in the afternoon tonight.
Platinum grabbed her satchel from the tea machine and pulled her into his room. She took out the fiber carbon key from the bag. Twenty percent of the energy tried to feel that the fiber carbon key was harder than he thought. From twenty percent of the energy to one hundred percent, she broke the fiber carbon key.
Qiushui smiled proudly and said that τ fiber carbon is the hardest substance at present-its hardness exceeds that of diamond structure. Nothing can break τ fiber carbon to make objects.
This is also an important reason why she decided to make a flying knife with fiber carbon. Another important reason is to protect him from danger and launch a flying knife with fiber carbon, which is twice as lethal as ordinary flying knives.
Anyone who has been hit by a fiber carbon flying knife is difficult to heal and stop bleeding. Simply speaking, winning a fiber carbon flying knife almost means signing a contract with death, and the chance of survival is less than 5%.
"Our genius has now become a spokesman for death. It’s better to play this game than to hope to deal with the mysterious man." The thought of murdering three people seriously injured his mysterious master Platinum’s eyes flashed a trace of blood.
"Eldest brother, you put one hundred and twenty hearts. This baby is absolutely tough. You can practice sending and receiving from the heart. It’s really killing people." Qiushui kissed a model knife and elaborated on its terrorist reasons.
Chapter 116 Beauty is difficult
Platinum landed and found Janyr calling him. He clicked on the right corner and sent a grin. Did he miss women? I really want to have a ready-made one around him. Wearing an extra condom or going through the back door can solve the physical problem.
Janyr burst into laughter and said that they had made great discoveries but needed further platinum certification. He looked very excited, inhaled, sat up straight and asked him what he had found.
Janyr laughed and avoided the humorous topic, but didn’t answer the business directly. How much did he know about "Beauty Grass"? Platinum Zheng said that it was urgent at the beginning. He did a simple component analysis and stopped the Chinese pharmacological experiment when he found the answer he wanted. Their progress was roughly the same, and so far nothing else has been found.
Janyr laughed and said that the situation was completely unexpected. At the beginning, they didn’t know that the component with the lowest content of "Beauty Grass" could inhibit FN-11 virus, which was a windfall.
Ye Feng didn’t know about "Beauty Grass". He teased her half jokingly that "Beauty Grass" has an immediate effect of rejuvenating skin and caring skin. Ye Feng believed in "Beauty Grass" leaves to make tea and drink it every time.
No one cared about it. At noon the day before yesterday, he routinely gave Ye Feng a routine examination and found that the FN-11 virus stopped spreading, and a few viruses were on the verge of death and lost their lethality to the body like a serious illness.
After repeated blood tests, he confirmed that Ye Feng didn’t eat it. The ingredients of the food originated from "Hongyan grass". They tested the ingredients of "Hongyan grass" overnight, which was confirmed. At present, he is doing further experiments. He needs more "Hongyan grass"
Platinum wry smile will Mr Head situation simply said it again Liu Jiayou ancestral training can’t let "beauty grass" as medicine Yang Qinghua, Ye Yuhan, colchicine and Bai Lina jumped together, and they all agreed that it is important to save lives. Besides, they are doing pharmacological experiments at present.