Li Ke told Kelly about his worry, only to see Kelly smiled and said, "I have already thought about this problem. This Hou Jun must have thought about it before he wants to make enemies with me. He will know that I and other princes have to find a backer to become a leader. Who knows me and Taichao? I believe he has already discussed it with Taichao. This is just the first time they have joined forces!"

Li Ke couldn’t help but feel a little anxious when he heard Kelly’s words, because others have joined hands and Kelly just knew that Kelly had already lost a move to Mato now.
Kelly still patted Li Ke on the shoulder with a smile and let him rest assured that he naturally had a way to deal with it so that Li Ke didn’t have to worry.
Li Ke’s confidence in Kelly is already very strong. Plus, I’m really tired today, and I’m not going to say much. Kelly just wants to go to his house, but I still think that I must come if I get it.
Chapter DiYiQi Tease you.
It’s the second New Year’s Day holiday for Kelly in the Tang Dynasty, but this time Kelly didn’t run around because he had many acquaintances. He felt that he had to go to several people’s houses for a year and stayed at home.
But as far as he thinks he must go, these people have made him run for two whole days, and every family still has to sit still and can’t stay longer, otherwise he won’t finish running in two days.
Yu Shi Wang Ke accompanies Nanping every day. Anyway, this is the first time for his wife to have a baby for herself. Kelly is still quite nervous. On weekdays, he has a lot of poor things, and he doesn’t have much time to accompany them. Now he must spend more time with them.
While the sixth day arrived on this day early in the morning, Li Ke came to pay a New Year call with a bunch of princesses. Kelly hasn’t said a few words to Li Ke yet. From the outside, she entered Princess Xiangcheng, Princess Changle and qinghe princess, followed by Xu Changsunchong and Cheng Huailiang.
When Kelly saw these people, he secretly muttered, "Why are you all here? It won’t be an appointment."
Thinking about thinking about Kelly secretly pushing and standing side by side with himself, Li Ke asked, "It’s not your invitation, is it?"
Li Ke shook his head blankly and said, "No, I got up early to remember who your family didn’t tell!" "
Just when both of them didn’t know what was going on, two people turned in outside. A closer look showed that it was Li Zhe and Li Jingye.
Kelly unknowingly hand on the forehead sighed, "my god! How can it be so neat if no one is invited? It can’t be more clever than this! "
Li Ke is also very strange now and can’t help but go forward and ask, "What’s going on with you? Why are you all here together? Don’t tell me you didn’t make an appointment. It’s a coincidence!"
Princess Xiangcheng joked and said, "Why don’t you let us come just because you are Xu Third Brother?"
Li Zhe also smiled and said at the back, "The temple will come to B-brother without informing a brother."
Li Ke quickly said, "That’s not what I mean. How can it be so coincidental? Are they all here or are they all here?"
Li Ke made these people laugh as soon as he said this. Princess Changle explained, "Sister Xiangcheng, we have an appointment to come here today. I didn’t expect my third brother to come so early. We are also going to let people go to your house to find some siblings when we arrive."
Li Ke, this is a white Xiangcheng. They came to Nanping, so they pointed to Li Zhe and asked, "What about you? What’s going on? "
Li Zhe came back after seeing Li Jingye. "He got up early and worked hard and came to my house. He said he wanted B-brother to come here and ask me to come with him. I came with him. It’s as simple as that."
Li Ke turned and looked at Kelly’s hands and said, "You hear that? It’s such a coincidence. It’s not my date."
In fact, Kelly has never been out. In fact, when Li Ke asked questions, he already knew that such a scene today was really a coincidence.
Princess Xiangcheng, they came to find Nanping. They couldn’t go out because Nanping was pregnant. They came to themselves. Yu Changsun Chong and Cheng Huailiang came with their princess wife, of course, while Li Zhe and Li Jingye came to find themselves. It was a coincidence that they seemed to have an appointment.
Kelly stepped forward with a smile on her face and said, "Ha ha, so many temples and princesses came to my humble abode, which really surprised Wang! It’s cool in this weather, so let’s talk in the house. We always talk here. I don’t know if people or my family are negligent. "
Princess Xiangcheng flipped through her big eyes and said, "You Wang Daren didn’t invite us in. Who dares to go in?"
Wang Ke choked, and he couldn’t understand why Xiangcheng liked to play against himself so much now. In his impression, Xiangcheng was the most stable of all princesses.
Kelly smiled and pointed to the backyard and said, "I was wrong. Please don’t take it amiss. Please come in."
All this just went to the house talking and laughing and heard the news that Nanping also came to the door of the living room with Lanling and Dongyue to meet him.
Kelly came into the living room to see if this woman was more than a man. She walked beside Nanping and helped Nanping to lean on the sofa. Then she brought a thin bed to cover Nanping and said, "So you women will chat in the living room; We, a few people, will go to the room for a while and come back at dinner. I wonder if you have any opinions? "
Kelly said and glanced around and didn’t see anyone who had any objection to handing over a bunch of women’s arches and took a few men to the building
As soon as winter arrived in Kelly, the floor was warm, and the whole room was warm. When people came in, they all took off their clothes outside.
Chang Sunchong came to Wang Ke’s room for the first time and looked around the room for a week before admiringly saying, "B-brother’s family is so comfortable and everything is so thoughtful, which is much better than mine."
Li Keshu leaned back comfortably and said, "Brother Sun, you are rare and strange. Brother Wang won’t live like this, but no one can compare with him."
Kelly knew that he would not stop Li Ke at this time, and he didn’t know what he would say later to fly to Li Ke’s mouth and say, "I haven’t seen you talk for one more day when you don’t talk. Your mouth stinks!"
Li Ke bounced up from the chair. Hey, hey, smile and hide from Kelly to kick himself.
Kelly waited for everyone to bring tea one by one before saying, "My princess is pregnant this year, but it’s really embarrassing to let several people come to my house. Please don’t blame them!"
Li Ke looked at Kelly with disdain when he heard Kelly’s words and said, "B-brother said these lies again. Who are you here? I don’t know if you must have gone to these families."
Kelly was just reacted by what Li Ke said. It’s true that he said it was a lie. These families have really been to their own homes. They just said it after speaking smoothly, and they didn’t consider it.
Kelly unconsciously blushed and mumbled sophistry, "That’s not the same. It’s all about visiting a generation, but I didn’t pay a New Year call to my brothers here."
Li Ke knew that Kelly was sophistry and said solemnly, "Oh, I understand that B-brother means that everyone has to see it. That’s easy. Just take a trip again. We will come to your house again one day."
Kelly not white Li Ke said what is the meaning of coming to his home again? "Didn’t you come today?" Why do you want to come again? This New Year call doesn’t come twice. "
Li Ke said with a serious face, "How twice? Isn’t Uncle Wang not at home today? According to B-brother’s logic, it doesn’t count if you are at home, so it should not count if you are not at home. Of course, you have to come again! "
Kelly, this can be speechless by Li Ke. The horse that spoke by himself was returned by Li Ke. It was simply hitting his mouth.
Looking at Kelly, the beaten sample, everyone here laughed except ChangSunChong, especially Li Ke finally caught a chance to retaliate against Kelly and laughed out of breath.
Kelly mercilessly stared at Li Ke. He knew that he was completely played by Li Ke this time, but there was no way. Who told himself to put my foot in my mouth as soon as he called it? This Li Ke was always staring at himself and thinking about giving himself back to himself.
Li Zhe, Cheng Huailiang and Li Jingye are also hitting Kelly with stones. In their view, it’s great to have such an opportunity. It’s always Kelly who hits them today and retaliates when they don’t pay close attention to it. That’s silly.
Wang Ke wants to fight back, but he doesn’t have the handle on these people. He can’t turn out the old scores again and fry them again. One is that it’s all over, and it’s of little value. The most important thing is that Kelly doesn’t have this habit, and it is too idiotic to do so.
Now Wang Ke is so drooping his head that they can’t help it. The tables have turned. Today, it’s his turn to be unlucky. He was ruined by himself and caught by the Wu Wangdian.
The only thing Kelly can do now is to let these people talk in their left ear and out their right ear, and then slowly retaliate when they have the opportunity. Anyway, for some of them, if anyone has it, others will immediately form a United front and seize the opportunity to strike a person hard until they feel that they have made fun of this person until they are satisfied.
Today, Kelly is such a target, and there is nothing to say.
Looking at Kelly being tortured by Li Ke and them, Chang Sunchong actually envied him not for being able to attack Kelly but for being so close to Kelly. From this moment, we can know how well these people get along with each other on weekdays.
They are Xu and Kelly. They are about the same age, but they have never been so restrained and laughed like them.
Always remember your identity, so that you don’t have many friends who make a living. All of them are good on the surface, but when it comes to the key moment, you can’t see the figure. Friends have to always guard against showing anything inappropriate in front of these people and being stabbed from behind.
If I hadn’t come with Princess Changle today, I didn’t know that this friend could still get along so well, but no one would turn against me.
Chang Sunchong and Kelly are not much different in age and mind. Watching them laugh and laugh, they slowly blend in. From time to time, if you see that no one stops you, you will completely forget your identity and status.
Chapter DiYiQi freezer
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Kelly sat there like an old monk sitting in a meditation with several people bombing him in turn. Today, Li Keshou can’t escape. These people can’t fight against it. It is doomed that they will be beaten today unless they say they are tired and satisfied. Otherwise, there will be no possibility that they will let themselves go.
Finally, Wang Kecai opened his eyes and saw smiling faces. Kelly knew it was time for him to get out of his misery, but he didn’t dare to tease these people for fear that once he said a word, the horse would attract another wave of attacks.