"Once again, don’t give me a fair negotiating position?" Aaron is also keeping calm, saying that the flame ji is closer to Aaron, and Aaron seems to want to better protect Aaron, and Aaron’s safety is the top priority.

"Flame ji, you don’t need to be so nervous, and you know very well that I won’t do anything to Aaron and you. After all, I don’t need to wait until now to give you a hypnosis unconsciously, and I have several opportunities to do so before." On the other hand, I said that it is still the same as before. "But one thing is right, I can be regarded as a negotiation."
"What the hell are we talking about?" Aaron said that the opposite is none other than the special player of the Rockets! Surrounded by Aaron are groups of Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.
"Besides, what are you doing here as a special member of the Rockets?"
"Well, I’ll answer your second question first. I’m not the only one who came to this abundant area. There are also two freedom activists named Cassidy and I m: three times, but it should be said that the two of them are here. I just took the initiative to apply for coming here because I was idle. Our rockets won’t be satisfied with creating base areas in the east and Chengdu. Don’t you know that the secret base for the distribution of rockets in the orange islands area has been built, that is, it has been buried in the orange islands area? We just have to wait for this to take root, sprout and grow sturdily, and we are also beginning to prepare for planting in Fengyuan area. It is estimated that it will not be long before one year, but we must clean up the’ pests’ and’ weeds’ in this land before planting. We just came to check what level of enemies these’ pests’ and’ weeds’ are or kill them directly if I am interested! " The deep and remote world said that it was indeed a bit insane.
"Weeds and pests refers to the fire rock team and water fleet? Do you want to say that it is like destroying a large organization by yourself? " Aaron said you smiled.
"Large? That kind of two organizations with almost three or four hundred people add up. I wonder if there are thousands of people. Is the organization also called large? But forget it, that’s the way the outside world calculates it. It’s reasonable that our rocket team is called super-large, "you said, and then asked yourself and answered it, and then looked at Aaron." Anyway, what’s my real purpose? Oh, by the way, I brought you something, "the underworld suddenly said and put his hand into his shirt pocket."
Fifteen treasure maps? The opponent is a robber?
"This is the thing," said the deep and remote world. Is it an I m: paper in his hand?
"What is this?"
"Well, to put it simply, the treasure map is just my handwriting," you said, and then yin Sen smiled.
"Treasure map? Still writing? Do you think I will believe it? "
"But I don’t think you will believe it," said the nether world.
"Why are you so sure?"
"It’s very simple. If I want to make trouble with you, I can take you away now. There is no need to beat around the bush. Besides, as I said before, I have several chances to take you down." The underworld replied that Aaron gritted his teeth.
"So what want to give it to me? If it’s a treasure map, it means you can find the treasure. If it’s true, "
"It’s a treasure, but it’s unnecessary for me to give it to you. Of course, you didn’t choose not to accept it." You said, and handed the paper to a nearby Haunter Haunter, who also held the paper in one hand, and then the hand floated to Aaron, who took the paper and drew a few crooked lines.
"Are you sure you didn’t take this wrong?" Aaron doesn’t even look like a treasure map.
"No, this map is this quiet city, and then the red dot on the surface is where you and I are now. The five-pointed star is where the treasure is hidden. Of course, there is an ing powerful Poké mon in front of the treasure. Don’t try to capture it. Generally, you are asked to kill the Poké mon, and people there will give it to you. Don’t worry, this is definitely not an illegal theft." Aaron’s face trembled.
"Black eat black? That is to say, there are some illegal points in this five-pointed star? " Aaron said you nodded his head.
"To sum up, that’s it."
"That’s back to the original question. What are you going to give me this thing?" Aaron asked
"I told you, you didn’t refuse to accept benefits."
"I know I don’t have anyone now, but I asked why you gave me this thing."
"The reason why you say this is very simple because I want to do it," said the deep and remote world, and then with a face of yin Sen.
"Well, it seems that you’re not going to say anything more, so you should also know that I’m not going to stay in this quiet city more. Maybe our horse will start after my companions attend the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition, which means that I seldom stay in this quiet city. Should you let me go to find the treasure now? Otherwise, we wouldn’t have this time, "Aaron said. After listening to this, you smiled.
"I didn’t mean to detain you. Go ahead." The underworld said that Aaron bit his teeth and then ran away from the underworld and the vast area of Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.
"Don’t worry, he didn’t come with Poké mon." Aaron Ma just ran towards the position pointed out by the paper and ran into the forest, then dreamt it out.
"I said that you didn’t wake me up when such a strongman from the underworld came nearby-what is your director B doing!" Aaron immediately said to Super Dream
"Don’t you know that I also need to sleep? God knows when I take a nap, this world will come back, "Super Dream said. Aaron suddenly felt a little nai.
"You still take a nap? Luàn, cover it. Aren’t you always accurate at noon and suddenly come out to spit on me? And why is your awareness of prevention so weak? Fortunately, it’s the underworld, not Joe, "Aaron said." The dream suddenly gave lu a bad expression.
"I said this is my two I just got into a habit before m: anyway, I’m not interested in Poké mon Gorgeous Competition, so I just went to bed. Okay, okay, I’ll change this habit, anyway, it’s just talking about being sleepy." Super Dream said that Aaron’s heart said that you two I got into a habit before m: …
"Forget it, no matter how many times you wake up," Aaron said and ran on. Suddenly Aaron heard something in front of him. When the probe saw it, it was four people, two of whom were making lunch with a machete and one was teasing a LADA.
"It seems very good to grab things this time, especially this box." The man said and took out a box. It was also from this sentence that Aaron determined their occupation-four robbers!
However, Aaron didn’t expect that in this highly developed society of science and technology, someone would rob with a knife … To some extent, these robbers are quite substandard.
"It seems that Poké mon is Narada. Although it looks like an ordinary Rada, Narada is always not paying attention to the surroundings. If I get closer to 5 meters, I may be found and cultivated quite well. Unfortunately, Poké mon is not a big threat to me. Now the key is to see if there are guns on the opposite side. This is the most difficult thing." Aaron said that Dream came out at this time and then flew to the opposite side and started to measure up the opposite body one by one.
"I can’t induce guns and bullets in this state. Ya-like abiotic objects, but I just flew close and directly observed ru’s eyes. There should be no such thing." Super Dream said that Aaron was relieved.
"That box? What’s good about that box? That knife cut our knife and broke the whole box without even a keyhole. I don’t know what’s in it, "said another knife cleaner." And even if I don’t know how to open it, no one wants it. "
"You idiot, it is precisely because we can’t open it, that it is called a treasure," said the man with the treasure chest.
"Come on, if it weren’t for the heavy box, I would have guessed that it was a solid piece of scrap iron with a strange huā pattern." The knife cleaner retorted again
"Stop arguing, both of you, or we won’t give you food." The man who was cooking seemed to be unable to bear it, and shouted that the two men had to shut up.
"Well, you can be sure that the four men are robbers and the snakeskin bag behind them is what they grabbed. So it is so black and eat black, but the underworld is really sure. These robbers are new here soon, but the underworld is aware that they are here and come to me. Let me come to these men. Are you kidding me? Are these four men and I all in the hands of the underworld? Damn it, there shouldn’t be many rocket talents in this fengyuan area. Yes, and if someone is following me, Super Dream won’t miss it, and Ajie will definitely talk to me. What the hell is going on? Where does the underworld come from? " Aaron thought what suddenly occurred to him.
"By the way, Super Dream will expand your search scope and see if there are any Gastly Poké mon around here." Aaron said in a low voice, Super Dream is also one leng and immediately white.
"People who follow me are not necessarily’ people’, but may also be Poké mon. If they are in the wild, they will not feel a little nostalgic for Poké mon because they are too far away from Poké Ball, and long-distance surveillance will not cause super-dream suspicion because they are wild Poké mon." Aaron’s dream of Ma Chao appeared again.
"I didn’t expect such a simple thing to think that this netherworld is a ghost trainer now. Naturally, it is also the most likely ghost. I didn’t think that we should first investigate whether there are ghosts around. I have found that there are two Gengar who have been looking at this direction one kilometer behind us. Although I don’t know what ability I rely on to track it, it is too careless before it should be right." Super Dream said that it seems that I feel very wrong.
"Forget it, don’t care, it’s not too late to find it now …" Aaron just wanted to say this when he saw a yellow Se light coming towards his side. Aaron immediately stepped aside to the right. These days, the results of intensive training on his ru body showed up. Aaron looked at the opposite Narada, who was already in front of Aaron and behind the four robbers.
"Don’t you dare to come to our trouble?" The man who took care of Lada said that Aaron was laughing.
"I’m still thinking about how to get close to you. Now that I’ve been discovered, it’s just a good start." Aaron said and took out a Poké Ball.
"Hum Poké mon against? My Rada is very powerful. I advise you not to struggle, but after all, if you see it, we can’t let you go, and you can struggle. "On the other hand, Rada called to Aaron’s side.
"It’s really an eyesore, but it’s a robber who is so arrogant." Aaron said a poké mon and shouted out. It’s B Skodora!
"Have a try with this guy?" Aaron said that he patted B Skodora on the shoulder, and B Skodora immediately shouted at the opposite side, which made the Lada people afraid of Se in an instant.
"Don’t be too big to win Rada and use 100 thousand volts!" The other side actually ordered 100 thousand volts?
Rada’s body immediately gave off light, and then 100,000 volts came out and hit B Skodora!
"How about it!" The opposite seems to be very proud.
"I advise you not to make this guy angry too much," Aaron said.
B Skodora shouted again at this time, and then took a sudden step to the ground, wrapped around B Skodora’s body, and the light was shaken away!
B Skodora shows Aaron’s strongest Poké mon posture in Fengyuan area except for huge carnivores!
Sixteen, the second box? "Normal" underworld?
"Hum, it looks good, Rada. One hundred thousand volts again!" Opposite the order
"Rainbow cannon!" Aaron is also an order.
B Scodor shouted loudly, and then the white Se energy ball came out of his mouth, and then the rainbow cannon came out with a Se, which was very strong! Rada 100 thousand volts was also used, but it was scattered by the rainbow cannon as soon as it was used! Fortunately, Rada always pays attention to the situation here.
"Don’t worry too early!" Aaron said, B, Skodora has already started to do it.
B Skodora’s second rainbow cannon was shot out again, but Rada jumped up and escaped, but it was still hit by rubble and shot down. Looking up, B Skodora had already run to a place very close to Rada, and the alloy claw opened a dozen and dodged Rada again, but it was still rubbed into the ground. B Skodora conveniently picked up a few stones and hit Rada.
"Cut the dead light!"
"Then pick it up head-on!" Aaron suddenly shouted
Rada immediately remitted the yellow Se energy ball in her mouth, and then destroyed the death ray, which made it come out. A bombardment set off a cloud of smoke on B Skodora.
"You know it’s amazing. I’m a ghost!" The man who drives LADA across the street proudly said that Aaron didn’t move anything here.
A white Se claw stretched out smoke, and then as soon as it was scattered, the horse followed and shouted! B Skodora looks like a root injury! Now it’s the other way around. Looking at Rada Rada with fierce eyes seems to be that when you see that your skills are all effective, you are afraid of Se, and so is the person who drives Rada over there.
Suddenly, the other three people just ran to Aaron, and all of them came to B with guys. When Skodora saw it, he immediately shot a rainbow cannon, but he was merciful. He didn’t directly bombard those people. He bombarded the ground in front of them, and two people were shocked. The third person continued to rush to this side and then stabbed Aaron with a knife.
Aaron dodged to the right, and then the right hand grabbed the opposite wrist holding the knife, and then the left hand horse punched the opposite face! The opposite side seems to be a little surprised that Aaron dodged his knife and didn’t respond, so he was hit and retreated a few steps. When he wanted to fight back again, he saw that B Skodora was looking at himself in a rather horrible way, and then the rainbow cannon was directly pulled out, passing directly by the man and then bombarding a big tree behind him. The opposite side was also immediately scared and the knife fell to the ground.