Huister first denied Imil’s temptation. He and Oscar Pistorius had already discussed this matter with Father Terence, but it was Imil, a newly established Watchers’ League, that could really be drawn out to deal with Dracula.

There is no way for the church to establish a watcher alliance. The original intention is to fight evil. There is no reason to let them go when it comes to real crisis.
Spider-Man carefully discussed, "Otherwise, how about we join forces with SHIELD?"
This is a terrible idea. Imil and Magdalena look at each other. They don’t want the tesseract to fall into the hands of Loki, and they don’t want to see it fall into the hands of SHIELD.
Even Oscar Pistorius and whist wouldn’t agree with this idea. Imil thought for a moment and counted all the forces he could muster. "Besides us, Johnny Brazer, the evil knight, is on our side. Although the strange doctor can’t directly participate in the battle, he can help us contain the equally injured Dracula. This has already reduced our powerful bss. Besides, I am sure that Daredevil Matt Murdoch will join us. He is a famous blind lawyer in new york and a master of cudgel and a superhero!"
He expected to look at Magdalena and Oscar Pistorius’s faces one by one, but Magdalena gently shook her head to show her ability. Although Oscar Pistorius also knew some heroes with super abilities, most of them were active in the Asia-Pacific-Japan region, and they obviously had the heart to come to new york to support them.
It was Imil who had the least hope for Spider-Man. He proudly said, "Don’t worry, I think I can find many superheroes to join us!" The first half of his sentence was forceful, but the second half revealed the truth. "Well, a group of novice heroes."
Imil turned his head and stared at him, forcing Spider-Man to tell everything. When he was at the Institute of Dark Energy, he wandered around and met Nick Frenick. Besides setting up The Avengers, he was also preparing a secret plan-Avengers College to be continued.
Chapter 25 Plan
This college will soon become a training base for newcomers in The Avengers in the future, including Spider-Man, White Tiger, Wonder Man, Tiequan and Nova, and a number of potential new heroes, all of whom Nick Frey is ready to recruit.
Of course, since Spider-Man didn’t want to join SHIELD, the title of captain naturally fell to the head of a superhero star from Arizona
That’s why Spider-Man, who has always been talkative, didn’t want this story. If it wasn’t for him, he also felt the atmosphere in the restaurant depressed, so he couldn’t help but say it. Even Imil didn’t know that Spider-Man, who was conveniently taken to the Institute of Dark Energy, had such a big change.
It’s not that the bug’s personality and ability have changed, but his identity. Imil doesn’t exclude SHIELD. The background is in the tesseract incident. He doesn’t want SHIELD to get involved too much.
Therefore, he didn’t care much about Spider-Man joining Avengers College, but was full of expectations. "It would be great if all the new heroes recruited by Nick Frey could be brought over." Thinking about it, he almost made his mouth water.
Imil gasped for air and drank a glass of whisky and nodded and said, "Then we will have a lot of manpower now. I finally understand how horrible the psychic staff is. It can automatically sense my approach. Although Loki may not be able to really exert its real strength, even if I fight him hard, it may not be able to grab the tesseract from him."
Magdalena secretly looked at Imil carefully until she was sure that he had no obvious trauma before she breathed a little sigh of relief.
Oscar Pistorius is indifferent to playing with a whirlwind knife. He is not optimistic about Imil’s strength, but asks, "If I take the lead and everyone attacks him together, can you kill him?" When we were in Asia, we met powerful vampire hunters, which is what they did. "
Imil calculated that it was not worthwhile. "It’s hard to say. The key reason is that none of us can withstand the bombardment of Loki with a mind stick and severely hurt one of our companions. Even if we can grab the tesseract, the damage will be too great!"
Imil, I know we are facing the biggest crisis now, but we can’t be so depressed.
Spider-Man cheered Imil up. "We need your plan. I know I don’t know you as well as I thought, but I know that you are the best person I know. The evil six are vulnerable in front of you. Even if you defeat the strange doctor, the nightmare is not your opponent. When you face the enemy, you always have a plan. This time is no exception. Come and come up with a great plan. We will all follow your arrangement."
"We" Oscar Pistorius’s eyebrows were severely wrinkled behind sunglasses. He had doubts about what Spider-Man said about "we", but after the strong suppression in West, he finally accepted Imil’s leadership position by default.
Imil glanced at Spider-Man and held out his hand to let him sit down. Hehe smiled. "I didn’t lose heart, Spider-Man, but you’re right. We need a plan!"
Spider-Man masked his eyes and stared at Imil’s face with starlight.
Imil didn’t speak immediately, but his fingers were rhythmically tapped and he was silent at the dining table for a long time before he said slowly, "I didn’t harvest Loki and Hawkeye Barton when I sneaked into their base this time. They will soon go to the German tesseract to start the machine and need rainbow metal. They are going to take it from Dr. Heinrich in Germany. This will be a good opportunity for us."
West nodded and said, "Do you need me to book a flight to Germany? I’m worried that civil aviation planes can’t catch up with Loki."
"We can apply for a church plane, but it will take a long time to fly from Vatican headquarters." Magdalena made a suggestion, but it was not very practical.
Imil filled himself with a glass of whisky and gulped it down. Tut tut said, "Not as I said, we are no match for Loki. Why should he go face to face?" Ladies and gentlemen, you are too obsessed with your own strength. Don’t you see that this is a great opportunity for us to steal the tesseract? "
"Stealing" Magdalena and Oscar Pistorius looked at each other, and there was a kind of disapproval for Imil’s sentence.
In their past battles against evil, they all fought to the death, and the ultimate goal was to destroy each other.
And this time it’s the tesseract. Yeah, why do they always stick to fighting Loki? Imil also felt that the word himself was not getting better and said, "You can also understand robbing, plundering or other phrases, which have the same meaning anyway!"
Memories of seeing movies in previous lives are reunited. I heard the news in the Brand Group. Imil is 90% sure that Loki and Hawkeye Barton will go to Germany. However, the Rubik’s Cube needs Dr. Selvig’s research. It is impossible for Loki to take it with him.
When the time comes, the Rubik’s Cube will have some Dracula support for vampire researchers in Loki, some hired mercenary organizations, and at most one agent Hill controlled by a psychic staff, which will reduce the pressure on Emile and them!
Thought of here, Imil gently clapped his hands and let several other people look at him and said, "If you don’t have a better opinion, then we’ll decide."
He assigned the staff. "Spider-Man, you’d better take all your classmates out when you go to Avengers College, and Oscar Pistorius, you and West will monitor Loki’s whereabouts. You don’t need him to fight. Just grasp the time when they leave new york when necessary."
Oscar Pistorius nodded his head. They also have knowledge of lurking and monitoring in vampire hunter training. If it weren’t for a head-on battle with Loki, I believe that Loki can also find his position with West.
This is different from Imil. With the help of modern science and technology props, Oscar Pistorius and Whistler can even monitor the Brand Industrial Park hundreds of meters away. Even if the mind stick finds something wrong, there is no way to wake up the Loki monitor.
Spider-Man also has no objection to calling friends from Avengers College. It was his own idea, and Imil was about to say that when he and Magdalena were together, a ringtone interrupted his thoughts to be continued.
Chapter 26 Starting from Germany
As soon as Imil’s face turned iron blue, he hung up the phone and said cautiously, "I met a very troublesome thing before we implemented the plan, and I need your help."
Magdalena and Whistler in the dining room have become more weird. I don’t know what will happen if it is very troublesome for Imil.
There are also Spider-Man with his face covered and Oscar Pistorius with sunglasses, which make people unable to see their thoughts clearly.
Imil carefully put the phone down with a wry smile. "It’s my sister Kathleen. She will be back soon after finishing the work tonight. We need to restore the home before she comes back."
Magdalena secretly spit out her tongue, but she always wanted to make a good impression in front of Kathleen, and quickly began to pick up the drinks in front of Spider-Man and Oscar Pistorius, posing as a hostess to drive people out.
Imil looked somberly. He looked at Spider-Man and Oscar Pistorius and said, "I think now that our Watchmen Alliance has been formally established, we need a special base. Do you have any opinions?"
Magdalena shook her face in front of her. Spider-Man raised his hand and was the first to agree. "I agree, but where would it be better to build the base?"
"I’ll find a way." Imil sent Spider-Man and Oscar Pistorius out of the door. They all have their own places, and they don’t need to be at Imil’s house like Magdalena.
Just as Oscar Pistorius left Imil’s house, Hawkeye Barton had brought a group of vampires together, packed up his portable folding bow and prepared to leave for Germany.
He has never been a slob. Dr. Selvig has learned the location of rainbow metal and the details of its owner. Then the implementation is a piece of cake for Hawkeye Barton
S.H.I.E.L.D. blocked traffic control in the United States, but this is nothing for Hawkeye Barton.
He led a vampire to attack a military base outside New York at night. This is a secret base for parking experimental models. Usually, there are not many military guards except the necessary crew maintenance members
Fortunately, they even found the Kunqu fighter in this military base, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is studying it, which is an improved fighter with the ability to fight against the ground and the ground on the basis of the Kunqu transport plane.
The best situation is to go back and forth to Germany in the United States in three days. Even if the military base here is a secret test base, if it is lost for too long, the military will certainly be able to react, and the Pentagon will immediately churn.
At that time, no one will want to sneak back when the war on land and sea is on the alert. Hawkeye Barton looked up at the sky and carefully thought, "We may be able to start action later!"
He turned back and asked the vampire soldiers who had had a big meal, "Brothers, how was the airport?"
A vampire wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. "There’s no problem, boss. We’ve killed everyone here. There are crew and communication personnel who still have them. They’ve become our blood slaves!"
"Then we can increase our time when we talk like this, but who needs it? One night is enough!"
Hawkeye Barton laughed with satisfaction. These vampires are better than he expected, but even relying on Hawkeye Barton’s own ability to deal with a base can be regarded as an unguarded science base, and it is definitely more than enough for one night.
Moreover, Loki promised him that he would cause some commotion in Germany and distract the attention of the German military SHIELD. It is enough for them to grab Heinrich’s eye and break into the scientific base.
Generally speaking, vampire soldiers can easily kill 30 times human soldiers in a surprise attack. According to vampire world information, Dr. Heinrich will attend a celebrity party, so hundreds of elite soldiers will not be arranged as bodyguards at the party, will they?
Even Hawkeye Barton himself faintly felt that it was Loki who was too careful to send him and add ten vampire soldiers
The operation mode of Kunqu fighter is in Hawkeye Barton’s mind, and the ten vampire fighters can board the plane and enter the back cabin for the whole rest. Without attracting attention, this black Kunqu fighter has taken off along the runway and flew to Germany.
At night, Imil is actually not that kind of pure cheapskate. He also gave Johnny enough money to find a hut in the shack area of new york for the night. This is better than sleeping on the street. Johnny didn’t take his dinner seriously and thanked him vaguely. "Thank you, Dr. Banner, for accepting my stay in this street."
"If you don’t mind being surrounded by patients, don’t worry that they are not infected, but I’m worried that germs may diffuse in the air."
Looking at the patient lying in the corner, Bruce Bannali tried his best to prepare some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs with the conditions at hand. "It’s ironic, isn’t it? I’m an expert in gamma-ray research, but now I can change my job to be a doctor."
Johnny shrugged and said, "much better than me, Dr. Banner. Although I don’t know why you gave up your superior life in downtown new york and exiled yourself in this suburb of new york, I’m no better. I’m a scourge and I’m also unfit to stay in the city."
"It sounds a little similar to me, and there is also a demon hidden in me." Dr. Banner handed over his prepared medicine to his help assistant here. His black lady’s assistant took the medicine seriously and said in English, "No, no,no. Dr. Banner is a good man. He helped us poor people living in new york."
"Are they all refugees from Africa? I heard that the Ten Commandments developed a great terrorist force there, but I also heard that it was a secret Nazi soldier in Germany." Johnny handed the lunch box to Dr. Banner and shook his head. "Who knows? The world is too chaotic. No one can make it clear to me, Dr. Banner. Don’t you worry, I don’t think germs will be interested in people like me?" To be continued.