After Xie Cunguan took one look at this special boxing ring, he left this place with Lin Bing. When Liu Fan came, he kept chatting with the Hakka people at the mouth of the cave.

Back to the hotel, Xie Cunguan immediately joined Guo Tanlu and asked him to get to Sandakan one day. Although Xie Cunguan wanted to play by himself from the heart, one was to put Lin Bingxin away, and the other was to prepare for Guo Tanlu to come to town for a game.
Guo step Lu there naturally a promise.
As a result, when Xie Cunguan was meeting with the community the next afternoon, Guo stepped on Lu and took Zheng Xiuqing to the door, arm in arm, which provoked Xie Cunguan to feel embarrassed and really disturbed others’ good things.
Guo Tread Lu was in high spirits as soon as he came, and Zheng Xiuqing squeezed into Dai Ruoxi’s side, and three people cooed and chatted together, leaving Liu Fan sitting there watching life like a dust bag, and Xie Cunguan accompanied the leaders of the community to talk nonsense. He was used to all the people who took care of Yan Pei there.
I have been gossiping for more than half an hour. The president of this club finally arrived and apologized as soon as we met. After waiting for such a long time, we invited everyone to visit the club flag enterprises, which made Xie Cunguan feel like he was doing business. However, it is always difficult to refuse a polite invitation, so the group went out and walked around with people by car. This circle first visited the fishing ground, then visited several wood processing plants, and then saw the agricultural processing plants, and it was lunch time.
At lunch, as Lin Bing estimated, he invited the famous Neptune seafood restaurant and just sat in the bag where Cebra hosted Shibata Hiroshi and Hades last night. It was in accordance with the Malay hospitality that the official sat in the position where Hades sat and Liu Fan sat in the position of Shibata Hiroshi, while Guo Tanlu, Zheng Xiuqing and Dai Ruoxi sat in the position of Hades’ brothers.
The atmosphere of a meal was harmonious, but it was less comfortable than last night.
After dinner, they were sent away by the general manager of the club, who sent them a car. A group of people led by Lin Bing went to visit Sansheng Palace and Baogong Temple, Chinese temples in Sandakan City.
Sansheng Palace is an ancient building in Sandakan, where there are three saints, namely, Yunchang, the Wusheng Emperor of once upon a time in america, and Goddess Mazu, the protector of fishermen and navigators, who are still believed to dominate the reader’s fame, Lilu Wenchang Emperor.
When Xie Cunguan saw the statue of the Emperor, he couldn’t help but look at each other with Dai Ruoxi. At the same time, they remembered the Emperor Temple in Xiaoyi Village, Qixian County, and even the couplets of the temples were the same.
When Chinese people go overseas, they like to serve the emperor. On the one hand, it is in line with the Chinese’s duty to watch and help each other overseas. On the other hand, the emperor was in Caoying, and he finally returned to his eldest brother Liu Bei with the intention of returning, which is to pin on the overseas Chinese’ nostalgia for their hometown.
As the saying goes, Chinese people can’t write two square characters in one stroke, and their feelings about their homeland, fallen leaves, roots, branches and scattered leaves are all very deep. The so-called Chinese people have thick blood and thick soil, which is deep in the blood marrow, and their feelings are yellow, their skin and black hair are homesick wherever they go.
Home! Home country is actually in front of the country! The martial arts practiced by Xie Cunguan, Guo Tanlu and Dai Ruoxi were unified martial arts. However, in that era of national disaster, the unified martial arts were endowed with the meaning of defending the country and defending the country.
However, when Wushu was called martial arts, it was already when firearms occupied the military key. At this time, Wushu was renamed as martial arts, and there was an indescribable tragic meaning in the bones of the old China martial arts people.
This may be the reason why we still like martial arts as martial arts titles to be continued.
Chapter sixty-four Female boxer
Original When Xie Cunguan came to Lin Bing’s "Pirate Treasure" gambling ring again, he was surprised by all the changes. From the moment he entered the gate, all the feelings were completely different when Lin Bing brought him here. But if there is no one to lead him, it is still difficult for him to find the way in.
These may reveal the history of Chinese communities operating in Sandakan for hundreds of years.
The road is still that way, but the receptionists have been very formal all the way. Even Lin Bing brought them in, and the questions to be answered all the way were pre-designed with code words.
Gambling boxing is not legal in Shangen, but it is precisely because it is illegal that this activity becomes mysterious and attractive in the local area. In fact, many times it is legal and illegal, which is just a means of business. Imagine if the world does not control drugs, will drugs still exist? Do people risk their lives but make desperate profits?
In the past, during the Republic of China, there was a time when opium was planted casually like grain in the Middle Zhou Dynasty and in the county.
At that time, the people in the opium-growing village ate opium seeds to suppress the oil. There was a saying that there was a cooked oil and ten incense houses. The villagers came to their homes to entertain distinguished guests. Some guests were kang to raise a pot, which means to smoke opium. In these places, opium was sold at that time, but valuable in the local area was not.
The same is true of gambling, because of all the illegal profits, all so many people are desperate.
Once again, I entered the huge iron gate along the long passage. Xie Cunguan was immediately shocked by the huge contrast in the scene inside. The day before yesterday, the iron gate was almost full of people. If it weren’t for Xie Cunguan, he almost entered the entertainment center himself.
Guo Tread Lu and Zheng Xiuqing kept marveling when they first came in, but Liu Fan looked at all this with almost indifference, but his eyes became a little deep.
At the moment, three young girls who only cover the key parts in the cage are dancing on steel pipes, and there are many people selling snacks and cigarettes everywhere in the cave, and vendors are shuttling through the crowd selling business. Another week, there is a huge deep hole leading to the sea, and all the noise here is confined to this cave, and no sound can be heard on the ground outside.
It is said that all the surrounding caves, which used to be used as prisoners, are lit up at the moment, but all kinds of small shops are open. All this is like magic in Pandora’s box, which makes people feel magical.
At the moment, it’s not as mysterious and spacious as the night before yesterday. It’s really like running a nightclub.
At the other end, a fence has already been put up in front of the huge hole leading to the sea level, prohibiting guests from taking care of it in the past, but they can have a look at the deep hole there and take a photo.
China people’s idea of unified small-scale peasant management is full of doubts here.
Lin Bing took him and went straight to the cave facing the cage on the left. This is for the boxers’ lounge. The other boxers are behind the cage and in the cave opposite them.
After entering this cave, Xie Cunguan found that it was not small, and the sofa, tables and chairs were all available.
He didn’t come in the day before yesterday, and when he came in today, he really saw that this should be the place where the prisoners were detained, because all kinds of instruments of torture were still hung on the wall. That’s what they wanted. It turned out that everything in the family was put away intact.
Soon after they arrived, Lin Bing pointed to the outside and said, "Coming!"
Xie Cunguan followed his hand and saw that there were more than twenty people coming in from the gate and walking towards the opposite cave. At this time, the music in the field was small, and the three girls in the iron cage stopped twisting and got out of the cage. Almost at the same time, a 40-year-old Han came in. As soon as he entered the door, he said to Lin Bingdao, "What about Brother Bing today?"
Lin Bing looked at Xie Cunguan. "Mr. Xie, how do you arrange it?"
Xie inch officer glanced at Guo step Lu was about to speak while Dai Rexi suddenly said, "I’ll play the first game."
In a word, everyone in the room stared at Xie Cunguan, but he was not surprised. Yesterday, Dai Ruoxi asked how much she could get for a fight and asked Ya Ya for surgery, and he vaguely knew her plan.
To tell the truth, I’m still very relieved about Dai Ruoxi’s kung fu.
After all, it’s impossible to be a Bai Zhigang and Li Baiwen, the senior brothers, who admire Younger, to discuss whether it’s important for Tian Shi or Yang Shi to value the girl’s brother’s hand. Otherwise, it’s impossible to miss a tournament and kill a Xingyi Boxing master with a good weight in the capital circle.
And as early as b ě i j and ng, he learned Dai Ruoxi badly.
Seeing Lin Bing’s eyes as wide as an egg, Dai Ruoxi looked at Xie Cun’s official road faintly. "I think if I play the first game, I should have a lot of odds and get more money!" She knew he didn’t mean what he meant.
Xie Cunguan’s eyes turned to one side. Lin Bingdao said, "If we are a female boxer in the first fight, can we make more money?"
"Of course!" Lin Bing still couldn’t believe that Dai Ruoxi, a sweet and quiet girl who smiled, impressed him as a female student who came to play, which could be linked with the word boxer.
"Even if you lose, you will get much more than a male boxer who wins!" Lin Bing stared, this is definitely a good stunt. If there is a female boxer, he can guarantee that the number of people in the field is definitely three or four times higher than usual. This is a precedent in Sandakan. No, this is not in his boxing ring.
Moreover, Dai Ruoxi’s appearance is more attractive than that of the five big and three thick female boxers, and it should be higher by reason.
"crow mouth!" Xie Cunguan laughed and scolded Lin Bingdao, "You won’t say something nice to lose and lose!" He turned to Dai Ruoxi and said, "Be careful. If you feel something is wrong, give up. Don’t be too competitive."
Dai Ruoxi nodded gently without saying anything, and then walked to the side with his head down.
Lin Bing didn’t expect to thank Cunguan so lightly and agreed to Dai Ruoxi’s heart. "These people are really crazy!" He kindly said to Dai Ruoxi, "Give up if you can’t …" Then he felt wrong and slapped himself in the mouth. "Look at my crow mouth!" Several people laughed and said to Xie Cun, "What about the second scene?"
Xie Cunguan looked at Guo Tanlu with an eager face and said, "I’ll give you a match in the second game, just him!"
Lin Bing’s exultation is really dramatic. Guo stepped on Lu’s one-meter head and petite Dai Ruoxi’s contrast is really beautiful and beautiful.
In this way, if you don’t say the third game, it must be Xie Cunguan.
Lin Bing nodded to Xie Cunguan and said, "Mr. Xie, then you are ready. I’ll go out and arrange it first!" Just pulling the man who came in to ask questions, he was about to leave in a hurry, but Dai Ruoxi stopped him and said, "Mr. Lin, do you pay attention to what you wear when we are on the field?"
"ah! Matching! " Lin Bing patted his head and said, "There are no female boxers in the boxing ring yet. I’ll let people buy your sportswear now. What size do you wear?"
"If you wear sportswear, don’t buy it. I’ll bring it!" Dai Re evening patted her carry the bag.
Lin Bing nodded and said, "The gambling ring is not very particular, so I’ll go first …" Then I left.
Zheng Xiuqing’s eyes widened when she woke up at this time. She was also a kungfu girl, and she was not short when she was with Dai Rexi, but she didn’t know that Dai Rexi could also fight martial arts.
She couldn’t help patting Guo Tanlu on the shoulder and saying, "Er-this-her …" I was surprised that I couldn’t ask a sentence. Fortunately, Guo Tanlu was not short when she was with her. She immediately understood and said, "She is my master!"
A word will almost Zheng Xiuqing choked out supercilious look.
Sure enough, as Lin Bing expected, when I heard that there were female boxers on the Hakka guild side, there was a scene. What did these people come to do is to find excitement and shout out immediately outside the stadium. Even the ghosts who lingered in those cave shops and got half drunk immediately ran to the boxing ring.