Geng’s old fox with a human face and a beast’s heart taught his daughter to hum!

Sue’s father sighed lightly. "Now that Geng’s niece is here, let’s talk about what conditions are needed to tell us the news of the imperial doctor." After all, they really need to give Sioux City a diagnosis and treatment the day before yesterday. Song Yuan was just talking about a kind of limb regeneration method that can be taken back when the limb is properly protected. But he is also lonely. He has seen it and doesn’t know the method.
Why do you know that Xie Gufu has an imperial doctor? Thanks to the mysterious black man, Sir Su and the old lady Su couldn’t sleep after tossing and turning last night. On the one hand, I thought that Sioux City was in a good situation and became a eunuch. What’s more, the royal attitude towards such a thing as imperial edict marriage has been very obvious. It is planned to stall Princess Cherish Soft with Sioux City, but who knows when Princess Cherish Soft will put up with giving it to Sioux City … Of course, the second aspect is Su Yi’s theory that even though she was adopted for a purpose, she raised her daughter by herself, but now she is a stranger to them, just like the enemy’s heart is like a knife every time he thinks about the old lady Su Yi.
Just when the old couple were sighing, suddenly a mysterious black dress person told them that a sudden fire broke out in the Xie family ancestral temple. Xie Yi, the young master of Xie family, was hit by the top beam, but a happy doctor actually cured him. Of course, because they were too nervous at that time, they couldn’t remember the original words. The main idea was that it would be saved to find this wonderful doctor Sioux City. So today, they got up early and went to visit Xie Gu with a shy face. Although the result was not satisfactory, it was reasonable.
"Uncle, if you say that, it will save my niece’s kindness." Geng Shi bowed her head with a slight smile; Although I really want to extort a sum of money from Sue’s family, I can think that if I really do this, I will surely be discovered by Xie Wei. She can’t take the risk and chuckle lightly. "I can tell you this news from the imperial doctor, but you have to keep your mouth shut, or my father-in-law and mother-in-law will know that the niece will be miserable."
Sue old lady smell speech hurriedly repeatedly, and "geng niece don’t worry, we must keep my mouth shut"
In that case, I won’t sell the niece’ Geng Shi said, bowing his head to’ the younger brother of our family, Xie Yi, who was seriously injured before, almost won’t be saved; just have the imperial doctor to make moves; It’s funny that Liu Feng was injured by her own hands. If I hadn’t accidentally found my father and mother-in-law, I wouldn’t have told you the identity of the imperial doctor … "
"Who is it?" Grandpa Su couldn’t help asking. His eyes were wide and his throat slid, and it was very difficult to spit out a few words from his throat. Sitting next to Sue, the old lady is holding the armrest and staring at Geng Shi, even her eyes are popping out.
After all, when Xie Gu was there, they personally felt that Xie Gu’s two old people had no room for discussion about the maintenance of the imperial doctor’s words. Before they finished speaking, they had already made people feel as determined as Fujian, and now Geng Shi’s identity as a imperial doctor would be unusual.
Geng Shi bowed his head and his thin lips and coldly spit out three words: "Gu … Jin … Sunseeker!"
"No impossible; Jin Xi is only twelve years old. Can you be mistaken? " Sue old lady Taiyuan also with great hope can hear Gu Jin sunseeker name suddenly collapsed chair looking at Geng Shi fundus is slowly can’t believe it! I don’t believe it if I am a root. I stare at Geng Shi with a deep dissatisfaction and a three-point tone. "Even if you don’t want to tell us the true identity of the imperial doctor, don’t you entertain us like this?"
Gu Jinxi, doesn’t she know that she is just a wet behind the ears girl who is only a little over twelve years old at the very most? Even if she sees a few doctors on weekdays, does she become a happy doctor? Even if she studied medicine from the womb, it is impossible.
"Uncle and aunt calm down!" Seeing that Grandfather Su also has a tendency to run away, Geng Shi quickly reassured them, "So much has happened since you came to Liangdu. Do you really think Gu Jinxi is a twelve-year-old girl?"
She is calm and calm; She is bold and cautious in calculating step by step; In particular, it is absolutely impossible for a 12-year-old girl to say something like that when she was in the imperial palace.
Grandfather Su frowned slightly and looked up at Geng Shi. "Does Geng’s niece know anything?"
"Ha ha Sue uncle that you are too flattering niece" Geng Shi bowed his head and slightly hooked the corners of his mouth as if with a somewhat cool thin chuckle and like a thick self-mockery. "Whether you believe it or not, Liu Feng’s injury is indeed Gu Jin’s sunseeker’s treatment. It is the niece who personally saw Xie Yi take Gu Jin’s sunseeker from Heng Wu Garden to leisurely residence. If you don’t believe that niece, there is nothing you can do."
"Why do you want to tell us the news?"
Su Cen looked at Geng Shi with burning eyes, and the sharp eyes and tone seemed to force seven points with three points, as if to appease the general "Mrs. Xie Shaoshao told us this news even without the consent of the two old Xie Family gentlemen?"
"…" Geng Shi raised his head and pouted his lips. Before he came to defend himself, Su Cen’s faint but unusually clear voice rang out again. "I heard that Xie Qi was destroyed by fire when the Xie Family Ancestral Temple caught fire, so I asked Song Yuan to make a diagnosis and give treatment. Since Gu Jinxi had that thing, why didn’t you ask Gu Jinxi to give Xie Qi a diagnosis and treatment?"
Geng Shi heard that his brow was slightly frowning and his eyes were half squinting at Su Cen. "What are you trying to say?"
"Nothing is to express my curiosity." Su Cen is not stupid. Liang has experienced so much. She has already seen through many things. Xie Gu’s big family and Heng Wu Yuan’s family have always been incompatible. Now that Geng Shi knows that they have been rejected by Xie Gu, it is not so simple to tell them even the purpose.
"Anyway, the so-called imperial doctor is Gu Jin sunseeker. Believe it or not," Geng Shi was also ignited by Su Cen’s eyes and Mao Mao’s anger. "Think about it by yourself. If it weren’t for Gu Jin sunseeker’s father and mother-in-law, what would be the medical skill?" It’s getting late. I have something important to do, so I’ll go back first and don’t send it! "
"Cener, you …" The old lady Su looked at Geng Shi’s eyes with a slight confusion.
Su Cen bowed their heads and said, "Geng Shi, this door is not so simple, but one thing she may not be wrong. Gu Jinxi is indeed the doctor who said that" Xie Yi, who is seriously injured and dying, can be pulled back from the ghost door. No wonder Xie Gu will be so precious to her. Is it true that she is only twelve years old and has been studying medicine since she was born?
"Then we …" Sue the old lady hesitated.
"No matter if this is dad’s only chance," Su Cen doesn’t want Sioux City to be involved with Princess Cherish Soft, but things have come to this point that she can’t stop it if she doesn’t want to; What will Qian always be looked at by the surface of the prison as an order from King Rui, but secretly it may be someone who inspired it.
Sue the old lady bowed their heads and thought of Su Yi thought of Gu Jin sunseeker "but the next thing I we …" She really didn’t have the face to beg Gu Jin sunseeker, and she didn’t have the face to see Su Yi. Everything has been told to her. She really …
"Grandma, this is dad’s only chance!" Su Cen’s eyes were wide and his hands were clenched into fists in his sleeves; Suddenly, it’s like thinking of something. The bottom of your eyes quickly crossed with a sharp look. Gu Jinxi, Gu Jinxi, this is Xie Gu’s family who wants to hurt you. Don’t blame Miss for being cruel. She bowed her head. "Song Yuan just said that it is better to regenerate severed limbs sooner than later, Dad. But your own children, do you really watch people like this live without ghosts and ghosts and face assassination from Xia Liangguo at any time?"
Sue the old lady "…"
Grandpa Su "…"
The whole slant hall is full of silence, and the atmosphere is condensed and suppressed to the extreme.
"Don’t you think my dad can’t compare with that adopted daughter?" Su Cen is really short of breath. "I have been ruined by Gu Jinxi’s sister’s marriage and delayed by Gu Jinxi. Now my mother is in prison. I don’t know what my father is lying in bed … but we used to be sorry for her, but isn’t it enough for us?"
Su Cen was silent for a minute without saying a word to Mr. Su. In the end, Mrs. Su couldn’t bear to "I’ll go!"