Then let Luo Fu and others puzzled a scene happened. They saw Gu Fan kicking the giant tree with his legs like crazy and didn’t even release a trace of spiritual force. The sound of "bang bang bang" kept coming out, and they could clearly see that the tattered area of Gu Fan’s legs was gradually expanding and there was more and more blood on the trunk, but Gu Fan still didn’t stop.

The movements of pedaling, swinging legs, and knee bumping are constantly changing. When you are tired, you change your left foot for half an hour. Gu Fancai stopped panting and sweating. Luo Fu and others can see that Gu Fan’s eyebrows have been twitching and his eyes are beating. Obviously, the tattered, red and swollen legs have brought him severe pain.
This is self-abuse!
Looking at the paralysis, silently wiping the legs with Lingcao debris, Gu Fanxin Nan finally once again could not help but wonder and asked, "What are you doing, Gu Shaoshao?" Are you crazy? "
"Practice" Gufan said lightly, without lifting his head, smeared the lingcao crumbs and juice evenly on his legs.
When I heard what the ancients said, a few people suddenly became more confused. What kind of practice is this self-abuse? Luo Fu seems to be thinking about something and said softly, "If I guess correctly, the Gufan brothers should want to exercise their legs in this way."
"Exercise your legs? What’s that? Can it promote reiki cultivation? Spiritual practitioners need aura to be strong, but the strength of the ancient brothers is enough. If you don’t say that you can kick the tree off, you can at least make it sway, and you will have to give up. " Xue Shuizhu bluntly said
"The Gufan Brotherhood naturally has his reasons for doing this." Luo Fu said faintly that he once again added some admiration to Gufan’s eyes. People who can exercise from self-abuse like this must have great perseverance to do it. Besides, it is obviously not the first time that Gufan has been barefoot, but it has persisted for a long time.
Luo Fu seems to understand another thing at this moment. The strength of Gufan today depends not only on talent, but also on persistence, hard work and perseverance!
Since the end of ancient times, whoever didn’t answer a few words, after smearing Lingcao, he urged his body to repair his legs with aura and golden stripes, and he once again took out the’ bug-out’ spiritual skill and meditated on it, and he couldn’t bear to lang bit by bit.
This scene made several people stare their eyes. Have you never seen such a person work so hard? Is it that easy to do it with one heart and two minds? Don’t end up repairing your legs here. When your legs are extended, the foreigners don’t understand anything, but they don’t know that it’s easy for an ancient soul to do two things at once.
But Louvre is more sure of the idea just now. This is too simple! The word "crazy" can definitely be called "crazy" and it will be terrible in the future!
An hour or so later, a few people were surprised that things happened again. Seeing Gu Fan, who was shabby and miserable an hour ago, his legs actually healed up. The scab fell so strongly that the repair speed stunned several people. You know, this is still Gu Fan’s two things at once!
"Can you be a little more abnormal?" Xin nan swallowed hard and said
"Slowly, you will see more abnormal places." Gu Fan suddenly turned his head and grinned at the sluggish heroic woman, then ignored her and got up and waved her legs. Suddenly, she turned and swung her legs and directly hit the blood-stained trunk.
"Bang" a few people woke up from the shock and looked at Gufan’s self-abuse exercise. They were crazy because they couldn’t say a word with their mouths open for a long time!
"Today, I finally know what his nickname is crazy, not only daring not to be afraid of madness, but also cold-blooded madness to myself." Wang Da shook his head and sighed repeatedly, and had to admit that the most peculiar teenager he had ever seen was also the most legal metaphor and the most crazy boy he had ever seen.
He’s crazy. Just one day of contact is enough to impress people!
"He has all the potential necessary to be a strong man," Luo Fu said suddenly, then ignored the look. Several people waved their backs wildly at Gu Fan and shouted, "Brother Gu Fan, if you really want to exercise your legs, I do have a good suggestion. Do you want to hear it?"
"Oh?" Gufan body suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at Louvre, and said eagerly, "Really? Then let’s hear it quickly. "Gu Fan really needs the method of exercising the strength of his legs. It is because he has no good method that he is the most direct and stupid way, and that damn thousand-legged spirit skill has no introduction in this respect."
"I think you might as well find a few sparring partners to train you specifically for your legs, so that you will not only hit the trunk, but also hit each other, and the effect will gradually increase, and you will certainly be much better, and you will also be able to exercise your legs at every angle and every part, and at the same time, you will be able to achieve several goals in actual combat." Luo Fu said the idea that came to mind just now
I have to say that this is really a good way to improve the flexibility. Many forces can be controlled by themselves, so that I can keep my tolerance range. This will gradually increase over time, and progress will be obvious. At the same time, I can exercise the flexibility of my legs and improve my melee strength! It is indeed a multi-purpose!
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Think of these ancient eyes consciousness Louvre five people looked at a circle of face with a knowing smile and finally looked at Louvre and said, "What do you mean, I understand that since it is feasible, what are you waiting for?" Come on, you five, when I practice together, try how it feels first. "Just do it when you think about it. This is the ancient personality.
"Are you sure you want the five of us together as soon as possible?" Xin nan asked with her head held high, and a smile crossed her eyes. It seems that she has seen Gu Fan being beaten into a pig’s head and abusing a super genius feels very good.
"Extreme challenges can make progress. Come on, don’t be lang." Gufan nodded and posed for the posture of entering the combat state at any time. The aura of the body still converges without releasing a trace. Obviously, he wants to fight against five people with his flesh alone.
"How do you practice?" Louvre got up and the four of him followed. Since it is Louvre who asked others to have no objection.
"Let’s not move reiki for a moment. You five people besieged me." Said Gufan, who wanted to think. All five people nodded in Louvre. Soon, Louvre was the most frank and said nothing more. Before coming to Gufan’s side, he punched directly at Gufan’s chest. There was also no reiki fluctuation, but this punch was not weak and a strong breeze blew.
The fine mans in Gufan’s eyes reacted quickly, which surprised Luo Fu. When he saw the fierce step back, he flashed Luo Fu’s fist, and then his right leg was lifted high and horizontally thrown out, which accurately kicked Luo Fu’s fist by mistake.
"Bang" a light ring Louvre did not move, but Gufan was slightly shocked and took a step back. He felt a little numb in his right leg, but this did not make Gufan feel wrong. Instead, his face became more excited. He did not hesitate and dumped his leg horizontally. Louvre’s calm face did not change or dodge. He raised his fist and directly hit Gufan’s legs and feet.
There is no stagnation in the connection between Gufan and Louvre. Gufan swept out one leg after another. Louvre is also worthy of being a crazy two-star master. In the face of Gufan’s quick and tricky performance, it is easy to find out.
However, as time goes by, Gufan has a momentum of getting more and more brave. Although his legs and feet are sore and numb, his heart is carefree and excited, and he is getting more and more excited. He has a feeling of hardship. He tried to knock down Gufan more than once to alleviate this momentum, but Gufan is often like an Oracle. Every time Luofu has a well-thought-out attack, he can be hard shaken by his legs and feet!
"Still the leng wear why? Let’s go together. It seems that I’m the one who let the Gufan brothers enjoy themselves. "Luo Fushen drank 1 and looked a little stunned. Four talents came to their senses without saying anything, and quickly rushed forward to join the war circle."
But they all happen to coincide, without moving weapons or moving aura, just relying on physical strength to confront Gufan, suddenly joining four people, a huge pressure like Taishan coping spread instantaneously, and Gufan’s heart felt like a storm when he was attacked by five people, even though his soul perception was no matter how strong, he could also attack and dodge like this.
Even in an instant, he couldn’t hold on to Gufan’s legs, and he was hit several times in an instant. The pain made him almost groan. He was like a leaf swaying in a strong wind, desperately trying to hide and launch five attacks from different directions, but he couldn’t do it.
At most, he can hide from three people, and the remaining two attacks will definitely hit him, and both of them will hit his legs. In less than a few breaths, Gu Fan’s legs were already shaking, and he was almost even unstable. He was miserable by several people. In this way, Gu Fan was in a terrible situation. After biting his teeth for a moment, he finally couldn’t hold his legs any longer. His legs couldn’t help shivering for a long time and got up from the ground. Although there was no blood, Gu Fan could feel the situation of his legs. "Strong reaction, good melee!" Louvre and others also immediately stopped Louvre and looked at the lying face muscles twitching. Gufan sincerely praised that the siege of five of them could last for such a long time and also kicked Xin Nan away once. This shows that Gufan is tough in melee.
"What hit me?" Xin Nan rubbed his foot and was kicked by Gu Fan, and some people complained about it.
"Your hands are really malicious, but I want to feel carefree, which is much more carefree than kicking a tree trunk." Gu Fan finally turned over and lay on his back, grinning, and said a word, once again, let a few people talk, everyone has seen it, but they have never seen it, and they like being abused. "This is also called malicious? If we move reiki, I’m afraid you’re already dead. I don’t know how many times. "Xin Nan obviously complained about Gufan and said pie pie.
"Ha ha, if I move aura, you five will die at least four" said Gufan bluntly. Indeed, Gufan didn’t say anything crazy. Among these five people, except Luo Fu, the four of them didn’t threaten him at all. With a strong card, it was no problem to try to pull four people to mat.