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Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Dengtian Dan
Willy has given careful consideration to this proposal. I’m afraid it won’t be achieved in a short time if he cultivates a partner with the skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill of skill.
Therefore, in this world, if the vast majority of monks concentrate on earning Lingshi every year, hundreds of thousands of Lingshi will have a very good high income. Even if they go to the sea for such dangerous adventures, hundreds of thousands of Lingshi have reached the top of the money. Captain, this team is already very profitable. Even if they can go to sea for two times a year, even if they hit three elixir monsters on average, it will only be a total income of four or five million souls. In addition to all kinds of consumables, six people can actually get hundreds of thousands of souls. These hundreds of thousands of Lingshi are not net profits. Who dares not to prepare more powerful runes such as Don’t look at the hundreds of thousands of lingshi, which is actually a lot of money for the monks in the foundation period, even for the monks in the late foundation period. Otherwise, who would risk their lives to run to such an extremely dangerous place?
And a guy who is a perverted way to make money like Lei Dong is extremely rare. For him, it is because of his general qualifications that cultivation is already very slow anyway. Therefore, once he becomes rich, the first consideration is to constantly improve the lethality of his weapon. Therefore, he looks very low in cultivation but his actual combat effectiveness is very tough. Even if he doesn’t pretend, he can always dress up as a pig and eat a tiger. As wealth accumulates, it is easier to get wealth. It is like a self-made person who wants to earn one million, but it will be easier to earn one million when you have ten million.
There is such a difference between Lei Dong and other members of the team. Although Captain Qian has been in the late stage of building a foundation, in fact, he has been stuck in the peak of building a foundation for fifteen years. In history, he must have saved some lingshi and tried to buy Dan medicine. After failing, he made a new money trip. As a result, his equipment is worse than Lei Dong’s.
On hearing the words of promotion to the elixir of thunder, Captain Qian’s eyes first shone brightly, but then his face faded. His face was a little painful, and he was stuck for fifteen years without trying to advance to the elixir of fruit. Is this a kind of equal pain? If the qualifications are generally not enough, who can actually practice to the peak of Tsukiji at that age will be a generation with poor qualifications? At one time, captain Qian was also a young man with good qualifications, and he was exaggerated everywhere. But now, although he won’t be looked down upon, he doesn’t take him seriously in the eyes of the real strong. Then he will recite these two words every time he dreams.
"Don’t take me to find your heart," Captain Qian said with a wry smile. "If I could rush then where would I wait until today?"
"If you want to be promoted to Tsukiji, you have to be promoted to Tsukiji Dan, and then you have to be promoted to Heaven Dan." Willy said lightly, "There is always a 40% promotion chance for captain Qian’s qualification, right? It is not a problem to add some other natural materials, such as Ningdanling liquid, to make Xuan Bing pulp hard for 60% in ten thousand years. "
"Ascending to Heaven, Ascending to Heaven" Captain Qian mumbled several times about these three words, eager to express his desire, but immediately he shook his head with a wry smile. "Willy said don’t look for my heart. Ascending to Heaven can greatly help the Buddhist monk at the peak of the foundation to form Dan, but refining this Ascending to Heaven requires materials that are rare in the world and extremely expensive. It is so rare that ten materials can be refined into one, and it is already a result of praying to the gods. Do you think about how valuable this thing is? I heard that the auction house produced one the other day, but do you know the price? It was abruptly lifted to 16 million lingshi. Oh, my God, did you let people live? That’s 16 million lingshi, isn’t it? Even those top big sectarian brothers are out of a handful of elite brothers who are deeply loved by sects. It’s hard for them to afford it. "When it comes to this price, Captain Qian’s mouth is twitching. It’s so horrible that its value is equivalent to a dozen monster beasts.
To the best of the sea for several years, Captain Qian has almost killed a dozen monster beasts of the elixir, but that’s the result of working together with teammate Qi Xin. Lingshi is definitely not something that he can take for himself. Even if he takes it for himself, it’s still not enough. After all, he needs to get rid of a lot of junk and buy it, and it’s faster for him to earn Lingshi as a captain. You can’t save this Lingshi without twenty or thirty years.
"Only 16 million?" Willy was surprised. It seems that this climbing elixir seems to be cheaper than Kangzhou. After the foundation period, Willy will transform his goal into then Avenue. Naturally, he has also learned about various means of impacting then. The case of Yin and Yang Albizia * * * is undoubtedly one of the most effective means.
However, there are few people who are qualified to practice * * * *. Besides, the effect of climbing the elixir is the best, and there are many other means that are different, but they are all slightly worse. But there is no doubt that every kind of resource that can increase the impact is sky-high, and the most expensive one is of course climbing the elixir.
It’s the dream of every monk in the construction period to give an elixir in Kangfu, and the price will usually compete to 20 million. Unless it’s the top brother in the top Sect, it’s absolutely impossible to afford it, that is, those top brothers will get an elixir if they don’t make efforts everywhere and rely on their elders to help them.
"What do you mean, only 16 million?" Money captain eyes stare straight "you earn sixteen million easy? I haven’t earned Lingshi since I just practiced. I think I’ll honestly buy something like Dan Dream. "
Willy laughed. It’s true that ordinary people can’t get the elixir in demand shocks to cater to the market. There are still some middle-and-low-grade elixirs in Danmeng, which is a kind of middle-and-low-grade goods. The value is almost equivalent to a very clever device. The success rate of making elixirs depends on the qualifications of monks. Of course, the so-called 30% chance refers to those ordinary monks who are extremely talented, that is, the 15% promotion rate is that Willy didn’t expect that there would be Danmeng in Zhaozhou. It seems that the two States are really connected even with the same name. Many
"Dan dream effect probability is too low" willy shook his head. "Captain, your old man is too old to miss the best promotion age now. It’s very difficult for this generation to get promoted again. Lei suggested that it’s still a 60% to 70% chance to rush to Lingshi. I want to ask a young woman if you don’t worry about rushing to the next level. If you give the captain some Lingshi first, let him get rid of it and then return it at twice the price, and promise that in this sea area, your team life will not be less than 20 years. If he fails to rush this time, then this generation will not
Green Niang one leng this way is the first time in her life that she has heard that someone really rushes to the next level, then she will try to find a way to help Lingshi everywhere. If the promotion is successful, it’s good to say that once she fails, those who rush to the next level will fall into a quagmire and lend Lingshi, which is likely to be wasted. But willy said that the case made her quite moved. She is not in a hurry now. If she can really help captain Qian to attack then, then she will get huge rewards. She carefully pondered over a green Niang primly, "If the captain’s chance of attacking then can reach 60%, I
"What about you, Lao Zhao?" Willy asked with a smile
"I’m not as able to save money as Qing Niang, but I can get more than two million yuan if I try to sell iron and tighten my belt," said Brother Zhao after careful consideration.
It seems that the official "can make up 3 million now" is somewhat moved by Lei’s motion. If the captain can really rush to then, there is no doubt that it will be an investment with a huge return.
"Very well, it’s already a hundred teeth." Willy said with a smile. "Captain Qian, can you make up three million souls by yourself? There are Lao Zhang’s relics. Don’t rush to move them for the time being. It will be even worse if you eventually return them to others. If you become an elixir, you will finally take care of Lao Zhang’s family. I believe that Lao Zhang will definitely be very willing to have two million souls in Lao Zhang’s place, so that he has thirteen million in hand. Lei Mou is willing to support five million souls. Tut-tut-tut-tut-ten million souls should have a great chance to eat a pill. "
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three Impact then
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three Impact then
For Captain Qian, such a huge spiritual stone sales may be a direct impact on him, but it is difficult to get it together after he is old. However, although he is heavily in debt, once he breaks through, everything is worth being an expert in the sea area. The efficiency and safety will far exceed that of now. He stares at it with disbelief. "But what if the impact on then fails?"
"Then you can honestly continue to mix in the sea area. At that time, you will need to return the double Lingshi." Willy shrugged his shoulders and laughed. "I believe you should be able to try a fatal stroke if you succeed, and it will be nothing if you lose. After all, according to your original plan, you can achieve the goal of then."
Then the word has fatal attraction and lethality for a godsworn in the foundation period. Captain Qian bit his teeth and said, "The chances of doing it are 60% enough for me to take risks. It is better to bet on winning or losing once and for all. If I am old, I am afraid I will be beyond the age range of good impact then."
"Very well, since everyone has agreed to some formalities, they still have to do it." Willy glanced at the crowd. "Especially, captain Qian, although everyone believes in you, you must leave some preventive measures for you to prevent you from breaking through then." Everyone seems to agree with this statement.
"This should be, after all, everyone will take out their savings to help me." Captain Qian said solemnly, "Qianmou is a person who knows how to repay gratitude. It is a problem that he will team up for 20 years according to the current distribution ratio. In addition, if you have any personal problems and need Qianmou’s help, Qianmou will never back down."
"I think throb is a really good way. After all, one’s strength is limited. If everyone helps each other in this way, it is necessary to reach the peak of the foundation period. Everyone has a 60% chance to hit an elixir." Lao Zhao is also full of excitement. It is not as good as investing in the captain’s body now. Once he becomes an elixir, he will be much more secure from now on.
Qing Niang thinks much farther than Lao Zhao. Today, World War I let her see the opportunity to get rich quickly. Lei is a very strong adult. Her eyes are not inferior to that of Friar Then. If Captain Qian becomes then and belongs to everyone’s own people instead of that kind of cocky then the sea area is definitely mixed. Maybe even Friar Then can rob him. That would be a real fortune.
Qing Niang’s idea coincides with willy’s, and willy is also self-conscious. If you rely on a ghost to mix words, you may not have been able to do a lot of things, but if you have one more brother then, you will be much more sure. It is definitely a great deal to spend some money to invest in a brother who is close to you.
In fact, this time, anti-killing willy alone will get 50% income, which is also quite expensive. After the captain counted the war profits, he estimated that it was nearly 20 million spirit, which did not include robbing the large flying boat. Because the flying boat was not intended to be sold, it was the team’s common property, in which willy occupied 50% of the shares.
Unfortunately, there are several good-quality horoscopes and one extremely horoscopes, all of which are made by those guys. If these horoscopes want to erase the imprint of the spirit, they have to spend a lot of money on refining to erase it, which greatly reduces the valuation. But Rao, several members of the team also like to exchange them and prepare to pay professionals to erase the imprint of the spirit after returning to the island, and then change guns for guns.
It’s worth it. First, after Captain Qian estimated the price of 20 million, everyone’s eyes turned green. 20 million Lingshi, if there is no special opportunity, you can’t earn so many Lingshi in a generation. Although it is said that Willy directly took 50% of their share, that is, 10% to 20% per person, even so, it is two or three million Lingshi.
It’s only a pity that this group of people seems to have just come out to rob without the monster beast of the elixir, which makes us feel a little sorry. Now, I’m afraid it’s far from enough to crit the monster who is promoted to crit the ghost, even if it’s not enough to add the flesh and blood of the Godsworn, even if the ghost has enough qualifications to be promoted to the ghost, but it’s not an easy thing.
One by one, the shortness of breath is that even Lao Zhao’s eyes shine brightly. Some people agree that robbery is indeed an extremely profitable doorway. Of course, it is necessary to have strength before. Just like today, the ten monks who robbed the preconditions failed to become others’ fat sheep. It is not worth being the original leader who took the lead in supporting money. There are still some bumps in his eyes. Everyone hopes that he has already become an elixir, and a way to make a fortune seems to be as open as everyone.
Sometimes it’s like this. You can’t earn much lingshi if you have no money, no way to work hard, and once you have the strength, money and a little opportunity, the road to making a fortune is always open. Just like this time, it’s easy to get nearly 10 million lingshi income. Even if you invest in the captain of the money, it will still make a net profit of 5 million. It’s very cost-effective
Willy is also very concerned about Lingshi, but he is a few teammates of the Elixir level. If people are good and have good qualifications, everyone knows each other from the foundation period to the Elixir period. Here, Willy has to admire Captain Qian, who is not only a good person, but also has a good eye for people. Don’t hand-pick a few teammates. It seems that there is nothing too big problem in terms of people, and even if their qualifications are poor, they can’t be worse than themselves. After all, according to their poor qualifications, they can practice until now, and it is hard to have a group of teammates and friends of the Elixir
They also started to set sail and returned to Canglan Island to throb then monster beast. Captain Qian also revealed privately that although he had only been mixed up in Canglan Island for several years, he also met many team captains. He could secretly buy a small part of then monster beast from reliable people without disturbing the owner of Canglan Island and the other side of Shangdao Island, but he could also get more benefits. Besides, if all goes well, the process of his promotion to the then stage will be about three months. When he is promoted to the then stage, it will be easier to buy the monster beast privately or go out to sea to fight the monster beast himself.
At first, willy refused to publicize the acquisition at a high price, mainly because he was afraid of disturbing the commercial island owner, who is said to have been in the late stage of then. Now the local strongman has the money to help him to do things safely. Nothing should happen. Willy has never competed with the monks in the late stage of then, and he doesn’t know whether he can escape from each other. This is the important reason why he dare not take risks easily.
When I came back, a flying boat brought two flying boats, and one was a large flying boat. Needless to say, it was a robbery, which immediately provoked many people to come and discuss with Captain Qian to buy the large flying boat. Although this kind of thing is boastful and sailing into a high fever, after all, the bigger the sea, the more natural disasters it encountered. * * What can support it and be destroyed later? The team was mainly because the other party was too careless and ate it steadily. Of course, it was only because of the current means that even if the other party didn’t come out of the flying boat, it could slowly grind them to death.
Those people were rejected by captain Qian one by one, and it was better to keep the large flying boat, but he sold the original small broken boat for more than 1.5 million souls without extra trouble.
At the same time, Captain Qian was persuaded to let Deng Tiandan and some shocking treasures find their own doors instead of passively looking for them through those merchants in Canglan Island. Captain Qian is willing to pay 10 million spirits to receive a Deng Tiandan, such as some Xuan Bing pulp-assisted liquid. There are merchants in Canglan Island. After all, this is a place where monks in Canglan Island gather together. Can it be strange that such targeted materials are available?
Sure enough, in just three days, a masked monk then came to the door to sell a Dengtian Dan. The auction price of Zhaozhou Dengtian Dan is usually 14,160 yuan. Captain, this offer has far exceeded the normal price. It is very unlikely that if you are willing to sell it, you will go back to Zhaozhou to go to the big auction house and go to the big auction house to find another one. This is the price difference. It is still relatively safe to trade in Canglan Island. After all, the commercial island owner belongs to the long-term guarding Canglan Island. He has a big crime. Even Brother then, he will not make it.
Successfully raised the materials and money. The captain was nervous and excited to break through the trip. In the process of this trip, the team member Canglan Island corrected the throb and took this opportunity to close a small one and increase it.
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Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Abnormal cultivation methods
Canglan Island has a great advantage for Leidong, which is that we can’t see a scene in many places in Kangzhou, that is, there are a large number of monks in the base period and a small number of monks in the elixir period, especially the former, which is called an overwhelming place in some other places, such as Lu Dafang, where there are far more monks in the gas refining period than in the base period, but here there are far fewer monks in the gas refining period, and most of them act as small two in various shops.
What does a large number of Tsukiji monks represent? It means that there is a huge market for monks in the construction period. They need elixirs and weapons, which are very shocking. It is natural that merchants who are good at making money can’t let go of such a large market demand. Therefore, if you want to have Lingshi in Canglan Island, you can almost buy most of the products for monks in the construction period, but the price will be slightly higher than that of Lu. After all, the rate of earning Lingshi here is still a little fast.
After a walk around several markets in Canglan Island, I learned a little about the price. The price of Dan medicine is cheaper than that of Kangzhou. The price of Fuzuo puppet, ghost, ghost, flying boat and other foreign objects is much more expensive than that of Kangzhou, especially better. The price of ghost is very high, and the ghost can’t be bought. Incidentally, there is also someone practicing the tactic of imperial ghost in Zhaozhou. It is said that there is a ghost Sect called spectre Sect, although it can’t reach the top sectarian level, it is also a fascinating one.
Of course, the price is Canglan Island. If the price is in the land of Zhaozhou, the price index should fall further, especially the Dan medicine is definitely much cheaper than Kangfu. This is a place that Leidong likes very much. What he lacks most at present is good Dan medicine, which means that he can buy more Dan medicine with the same lingshi.
One more thing, I don’t know if this Zhaozhou stone is a little cheaper than Kang’s. The total price of this Canglan Island for the stone is 950,000, which makes me change ten pieces in one breath after tasting the sweetness of the stone. The name of Kangzhou is 100 to 1, but it is often not normal. It takes about 1.5 million to want the stone.