And he also took out two glittering and translucent flashing ofuda smile away.

Pa ~ pa ~ with two crisp bursts, two red lights shone, and two extremely different birds with lux shining all over appeared in front of everyone.
"HongLuan spirit beast operator? Building a three-tier strength at the foundation level? " Willy also gasped. What the fuck is this? Although it is a one-time consumption, the value of such animal symbols is bound to be high, but he casually threw it out and sent it away.
Two red bears each met a level-3 peak ghost, Wei Qing, crow, and scream, fighting each other desperately.
(To be continued)
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Battle of wits
….. At that time, the red light overflowed and the black gas diffused in the two fraternities, which seemed to be locked in battle, but willy knew that the ghost guards still had a slight advantage in strength. After all, ghosts and ice were three-level peaks at a distance of four levels, and there was only a thin line between them. Now the situation was evenly matched, but willy secretly commanded them not to fight hard, otherwise even if they were killed, the two ghost guards would be injured and docked, which would be unfavorable to the war situation. This kind of thing is not unheard of, such as the specific system, but now it is somewhat white. That’s a special way for Lingfuzong to sacrifice seals after obtaining all kinds of animal souls. It’s called out in the Lingfuzong to engage in battle. Pure burning consumes the soul of the animal. When the soul force of the animal body is more fragrant, it will disappear after the soul force of the animal is exhausted.
There are four levels left to crit the Ghost Guard. Now its body is more condensed and its soul armor is as imposing as an ancient teenager and a captain. However, its armor gives people a kind of dark and cold feeling, just like nine deep and remote people stepping on thousands of bones and slowly stepping on the battlefield. When the ghost clan reaches this level, it is already a drag for it to build a weapon armor with some refining materials in the gas refining period, and throbbing to build a weapon armor with refining materials in the base period, but fortunately, the Ghost Guard doesn’t have the time and money to rise with its strength. The power and defensive performance of the soul armor blade condensed by the soul force are also good, and the ghost guard’s soul armor blade has almost no sense of weight, which makes it drift faster.
By the fourth level, the ghost guard not only has a heavy body temperament, but also has a lot of spiritual movement in his eyes. It seems to be even better. It is ordered by willy to be loyal and sensitive, and it is practicing harassment tactics. Now it is particularly fast and erratic around Wang Hui, and it is not easy to attack. It is advancing and retreating, making Wang Hui’s spirit tense from time to time and slowing down, far from attacking willy.
On the other hand, throbbing away from Wang Hui’s folding fan, Wang Hui saw that this move was too erratic for throbbing effect, and then he sneered at a fan, and repeatedly touched the green light and shone from the fan tip to form a series of sharp blue beams.
Willy seems to make the ghost escape to the extreme. Shuttling back and forth in the blue beams is often thrilling than avoiding the blue beams or hitting the ground, crashing a deep hole in the black heavy ground or hitting a bowl-shaped hole on the pillar with a width of several feet, which makes willy feel a little scared. I feel that Wang Hui is really amazing, and the free and unfettered fan is really extraordinary. You must know that the material for building the temple of demons is definitely not any stone and wood.
Suddenly, a blue light beam grazed the thunder and hit it in the light shield, but Wu Peng didn’t wake up. It turned out that when Wu Peng was going to die, it was only when the blue light beam hit the light shield that it stirred up ripples and ripples. Wu Peng continued to be there unscathed, with his eyes closed and his face colorful or angry or sad or happy.
Willy suddenly realized that he had been in a state of demons for so long, but no one could hurt himself. It turned out that this was a protective measure for the demons to rob his younger brother. Willy immediately turned his body into a faint ghost fog, and he whizzed up to a few guys who were still in demons. Xi Donglai, Qi Feifei and Wu Peng were wrong. It seemed that there was another one who suddenly appeared in the temple of demons wrapped in a dancing flame, but he didn’t wear a light shield. His face was confused when his eyes were closed.
Look at him like that, willy will be white, and this little one will fall into the demons. But look at him, although he hasn’t made much progress, but his whole body is still hot and hot. When he meets willy, he will know that he should be hiding in a certain area and has been practicing his skyfire in purgatory until he breaks through a bottleneck of skyfire.
It’s better for him to go to the temple of demons, but willy has another natural barrier. The ghosts and ghosts have been exploded to the extreme by willy. Fiona Fang is almost dark and haunted. Although those ghosts are blocked by their respective light shields, willy is beneficial to those’ stakes’ to create a natural battlefield that is conducive to guerrilla warfare.
Wang Hui cold hum a whole body burst into a white flame natural and unrestrained posture into something congenial, those flames touch the new something congenial and then devour each other, and the wisps of something congenial burn taxiing after being touched by the white flame, and at the same time, the flame will be extinguished a little like meeting water.
Willy doesn’t want him to recklessly for the time being, but he deliberately controls something congenial as far as possible. He tries not to directly confront him, but he suddenly strikes the ghost guards and then enters. He sucks something congenial around him, and his violent breath greatly increases. Flying and swimming are faster. After the war is deployed here, Willy secretly directs the remaining two ghost guards to fight and retreat, and slowly leads them to the nether world. * * Those two red bears have residual battles that can follow closely and plunge headlong into something congenial like a big dark cloud. Even Wang Hui’s mind repeatedly directs them, but they don’t listen. Only fighting can.
Willy’s mind is also dark. Although the power of the beast symbol seems to be good, it is too restrictive after all. No matter how delicate its intelligence is, it is far inferior to Willy’s life. Ghost guards are often linked by blood. With a mind, they can clearly understand their master’s mind and then faithfully carry it out.
Into the nether world * *, the strength of the two ghosts has soared, but the souls of the two red bears are still in a quagmire, and the movement is sluggish and slow. Willy is hiding from Wang Hui and constantly chasing the bursts of green light flashing, which is to put the spirit into the bag of the spirit beast. As soon as I enter the willy, it is a refreshing joy. Because my baby pet eats the soul, the shadow tiger has quietly been promoted to the second-floor strength of the foundation level.
The spirit beast bag has such advantages as putting in the food needed by the spirit beast in advance, and it will automatically help the owner to feed his pet regularly. Most of the food put in is bad ghosts. However, recently, some spirits of the refined gas level have given up everything, and they are directly the spirits of the beasts of the building base level. These things have eaten souls and eaten shadows. It hasn’t been long before they have reached the strength of the second floor of the building base level, which also makes the spirit bear some regrets. It’s really terrible to have a trace of ancient beasts and innate spirits.
It seems that I feel throbbing with my mind, and I’m lying lazily in the world of the beast bag, sleeping, eating the soul, and the shadow tiger is screaming in a low voice like throbbing with something. Obviously, this little guy has been too depressed and wronged in the beast bag and wants to go out for a breath.
It has been promoted to a new level. Naturally, it is even more relieved that the mind will summon it out.
"Ow ~"
A deafening roar sounded, and the soul-eating shadow tiger was half a foot bigger. Its majestic body appeared in the ghostly atmosphere, and its striped shape seemed to be as comfortable and excited as the ghostly environment.
Willy directed it directly to assist two red bears. Previously, willy thought highly of them. But now that the soul-eating shadow tigers are so powerful, it is natural to adjust their tactics properly. Since it is a beast’s soul, there is no reason why it won’t like it. Sure enough, after receiving the command of willy, the eyes of the soul-eating shadow tigers are green and glowing, roaring and swooping down after a while, and willy will collect some ghosts and ghosts in time. The head of the red bear moves suddenly and the head of the red bear suddenly tightens the ice curse and stays on the spot almost at the same time.
The soul-eating shadow tiger flashed like a roaring wind, and then it bit the red Luan neck two or three times, and it seemed that it was not satisfied and stared at the other end … Wang Hui saw a burst of rage in his heart. This guy summoned this shadow tiger one after another. Although Wang Hui didn’t know its name and origin, he knew at a glance that it was not something. When he felt that if he fought like this again, he would even have a problem. The white flame in his whole body rose again, violently plundered the willy people, and shot a series of blue beams at the same time, and raised his left hand. The total white flame in the palm of your hand bursts bright, and in the crashing, a powerful white flame gas strength forms a pillar as thick as a bucket of light, which blows away the ghostly ghost and escapes to the thunderous crit.
In the face of its aggressive offensive, willy took his time and slipped behind Xi Donglai.
"boom ~"
Green light and white flame column qi qi bumped into Xi Donglai’s outer body shield, and the ghost was swept around. However, Xi Donglai’s outer body shield was lit up, making people’s eyes blurred.
In this way, I was so angry that Wang Hui was furious again and again. This throbbing posture had to be in a nether environment, and it was as cunning as a loach. However, he not only had to be harassed by the four-level ghost guards and hit out a powerful attack, but he was forced to enter the state of demons. The shield was dissolved one by one, which made him powerful and there was no place to make one mouthful blood squirt.
(To be continued)
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four You agreed to fight it out
….. Maike mind a turn since willy-nilly like loach can’t catch him from long-range bombardment, and it seems that only this meter has a glimpse of the eyes not far away and is still healing. Since my heart can’t catch you, I will force you to show up and sneer at the folding fan in one hand, and several green beams will burst out and a series of hissing blows will be directed at a platform of ice clouds.
Willy eyes watched Wang Hui so don’t be surprised but rejoice, urging the three ghost guards and soul-eating shadow tigers to violently plunder Wang Hui. Three ghosts and one tiger took advantage of Wang Hui’s attack power to quickly plunder near Qi attack when he was in a platform of ice clouds, but not only so willy died, but the Falun Gong also took this opportunity to burst into a sad, desolate and violent rotation towards him.
Three ghosts and one tiger’s fighting power are all good. One or two Wang Hui can easily cope with the fourth. He actually transported all the attack spells to Dan Tai’s back to cope with some hurry-scurry. He summoned a small flag with Tai Chi patterns. When he saw the flag rise in the wind, he wrapped it around him and entered.
Boom-boom ~ A series of attacks all hit the flag. The Falun burst into a green light crashing, and then hissed and cut the taiji diagram, which was a powerful defense but so fierce that it was like a flood of attacks. Even if this taiji diagram belonged to the level of the spirit instrument, it could not be unscathed. The fierce impact was shocked into Wang Hui’s mind, and he was fascinated by a ripple. When it was a mouthful of blood, he was furious and the whole body was full of white flames. With his hands waving, it condensed into white ribbons to dare.
And willy is also extremely cunning. After Wang Hui means to react, it must be impossible to let three ghosts and one tiger take advantage again. As early as he is about to make a move, he will call them all back to make Wang Hui’s fiery white flame burn, except for extinguishing a piece of ghostly stuff.
Critically attacking the ghost guards and continuing to implement its harassment tactics, retreating seems to be seizing the opportunity and sincerely not letting the Wang Hui Spiritual Center do something. The remaining two ghosts and one tiger are aiming at the last red phoenix, one by one, snarling and growling ferociously, and the poor red phoenix can’t exert its greatest strength in this ghostly environment, and it will be shocked to be screamed again and again. Unfortunately, no one will pity it for eating the soul, the tiger’s claws and claws, tearing its soul and teeth, and biting its half tail feathers. I believe that it won’t be long before this red phoenix will even run out of opportunities naturally.
And Wang Hui’s attack on the green light beam of a surname ice cloud also saw some effects, which were blocked by a surname ice cloud gauze, but the last one was hit by her shoulder. Rao was her protector, and the blow also stabbed her shoulder blade several inches, which made her pale and even more bloodless than her face.
"What the hell are you doing?" A platform ice cloud didn’t speak, but quit anger and cried out angrily, "Why didn’t you save Sister Dan Tai just now?"
Willy didn’t bother to glance at him and raise my hand to take back the silent Falun. It also called out the ghost’s self-care pinching method. Hundreds of ghosts and spectres surged out like bats out of their nests, but when willy was in fine command, he didn’t rush to directly attack Wang Hui. Then Wang Hui’s cultivation method should be known as Taiji Xiaoyao. However, his white flaming power is very strong. Obviously, Xiaoyao’s famous main battle achievement method is blazing, and the latter is the foundation of cultivation. The main battle achievement method belongs to Xiaoyao. Among several main battle achievement methods, it is very powerful, and its position is somewhat
Now it’s the hottest and hottest time for Wang Hui to run the blazing fire. Willy doesn’t want to work so hard to catch ghosts and spectres, and rush to die. Just summon spectres to plunder an array and let them absorb more ghosts and ghosts.
Ghost banner is a classic exclusive instrument of Yin evil spirit sect. There are various methods, all of which are the lowest-order cannon fodder and spectre, depending on personal tactical needs and people’s likes. It is daunting to defeat the enemy in quantity. If this method is purely powerful, it should be the most powerful of all methods, especially when dealing with some powerful enemies with little range of lethality or facing a large number of enemies with weak strength. However, its shortcomings are also extremely obvious. If you encounter enemies who are good at large-scale powerful spells, you will easily lose too much cannon fodder and spectre, and eventually make ghosts.
Some people prefer to take the pure elite route, so many ghosts are powerful, which is not easy to be destroyed by those large-scale spells. However, due to the severe restriction of the mind, the number of spectres in the elite route is too small to form the scale effect, but its advantage is that the spectres in the ghosts are not often worn out, which leads to ups and downs of strength. Secondly, the elite route is more dominant in dealing with some powerful spells and is more suitable for long-term continuous fighting.
But willy is taking a comprehensive route at the moment. There are quite a few elite soul guards and the same number of cannon fodder soul worms. If others take this route, it will be too moderate. If it is too high, it will not be low. On the contrary, it will not be able to exert the maximum power of ghosts. But willy is a bit nondescript. He pays attention to the refinement of mind and has a grain of emperor magic blessing on his forehead to enlarge his mind, which makes him far more than normal. Monks of the same order can be suitable for various occasions to fight, but it is him.
Hundreds of ghosts and spectres led by spectres in the ten-soul-guard level are in a square row, and the majestic momentum has provoked Wang Hui’s original surging and white flames and a stagnation of yin and evil spirits. He has also heard of the original somewhat disdainful. However, when I saw it in person today, I suddenly felt a sense of being alone in the face of hordes.
Don’t ignore him as soon as he sees willy. He was so angry that he repeatedly said, "Don’t forget who saved you from willy?" If it weren’t for the teacher elder sister Dan Tai advised me, I wouldn’t be too lazy to save you. How could you watch her being … "
"Long-winded" willy raised my hand and a ghost firebomb roared towards the fire-fighting, and then went to the fire-fighting. It rolled out in a hurry and hit the ground for several feet. At the same time, the green fire splashed out of a shallow pit. This kind of move was that even Maike was stunned, and his face was red with anger. When he just wanted to scold a few words of magic pups and baiwenhang.
However, I heard the thunder and said coldly, "If you repeat half a sentence again, you will leave for a platform of ice clouds."
Jie Chen quickly swallowed the rude words back to his stomach. He wanted to scold several times but didn’t dare at the moment. He understood what the situation was better than others.
"B-brother, if you want to kill these people, you can kill them." Willy’s eyes were indifferent. "Leimou welcomes them but thanks you. I’ll get rid of them."
"Bullshit" Wang Hui was furious when he thought that he had chosen the wrong strategy because he wanted to force Willy to come out. "Do you think Wang is a fool and let you sneak attack again?"
Suddenly, he felt that the fighting atmosphere had consumed too much, so he took out a grain of extraordinary fragrance and tangy Dan medicine, which was really embarrassing. The little dense medicine was also a panacea to quickly replenish and consume the true qi. A kind of extremely Dan medicine, Lei Fei, also had a few grains at hand to send it, and it was a panacea to know that it was valuable but the effect was excellent.
God knows how many pills of this kind of Dan medicine will there be with an ancestor of Yuanying in Wang Hui’s family? The corners of the mouth couldn’t help twitching. It seems that pure consumption tactics are already difficult. When the face is gloomy, "Since the French sneak attack, let’s fight it out."
Raise your hand with thunder is a ghost fireball, which roared away with a long Flametail. Don’t underestimate the ghost fireball, which is a few direct attack spells in the nether world. Although the threshold for practicing this spell is low, many younger brothers are qualified to practice it. However, once it is cultivated to a very high depth, the power of the spell will increase greatly with the cultivation.
This method is the most vicious and cruel, but it has the effect of explosive impact and burning the soul. If we can’t find a way to extinguish it, it will make people die of pain, even if it is provoked by a little bit, it will be a nightmare. Of course, throbbing is not too much for the practice of ghost bombs, at best, it can be regarded as just.
But with the blessing of the nether world, the ghost fireball grew more and more unreal in the flight process, and roared away like a miserable green fireball.