Continuous overload fighting makes every cell of his body and every inch of his skin seem to be in a state of extreme virtual hunger and thirst. Once he enters the state of cultivation, it seems to have dried up for thousands of years, and the soil has been devastated. Suddenly, it encounters a rain and dew to moisten the heavens and the earth, and the aura gathers into a fog that can be seen by the naked eye. The wind blows through his mouth and nostrils and drills into every pore.

He keeps a steady and even breath, and every breath can inhale a lot of pure aura, and every breath will exhale the depressed gas, and this cycle will be repeated to achieve an extreme cultivation speed and efficiency.
The purity of these reiki is far beyond the outside world. Although the reiki is visible to the naked eye, it seems to be a kind of pure water. This purity has reached a terrorist level, and the human body’s own energy is not violent, but its energy attack is high.
But for the treatment of injuries and strengthening the body, this pure aura effect is good, just like Han Leibi * water heals the spirit bead, which is an extremely pure energy bred by the human body, which has a miraculous effect on injuries and can make people feel like a spring breeze.
Luo Lin and Wu Hua, two animals, have tried the healing effect of the clear water and the spirit beads, and they have been able to extricate themselves from the depravity in the spirit beads. When flying through the cloud gate, the two animals often kill each other and get black and blue, and then let Han Lei treat them with the clear water and the spirit beads.
Without exception, the king of viper once again helped Fengyang to increase the speed of his body absorbing the aura here, and his special flame cooperated with this aura to temper Fengyang’s body.
No one knows the king of viper, but Feng Yang knows all about it. It’s definitely not that simple to help himself by doing good deeds and helping others every day. It’s indisputable that his actions have brought great help to Feng Yang. It’s no longer the present stage that he has the energy to think.
The urgency of the wind is to let the body heal and then rush back to the sunset city. However, the mainland is mixed with a Uber-class animal. He still hopes that the army of Warcraft can be dispelled by the strong human beings. This is due to the sense of public morality or national mission. He does not want his brother to fall into the hands of Warcraft. He has not married and given birth to human beings. The national affairs are simple and honest, and he can’t bear to turn to Warcraft players. Even though some Warcraft have reached the level of being able to turn into human beings, they are still Warcraft bodies.
For seven days in a row, Fengyang didn’t move, and his body recovered as early as the third day. It is natural that he has such a magical treatment speed thanks to the help of the pure aura viper king here. Of course, Fengyang’s special body accounts for most of the factors
At the moment when the eyelids were open, the speed of the eyelids actually brought up a strange wind. At the same time, the wind blew all over the earth, gravel and flowers more than a few scoops of water in the lake in front of him, all of which floated strangely and seemed to be spiritually suspended, and the wind slowly spun around.
The wind raised his mind and suddenly got up and suspended him. Everything was slowly spinning around him. Everything was shot out in all directions. The lake was like a sharp arrow shooting into the lake and frying all over the sky.
"Yuan Soul Force’s lethality is really amazing." Feng Yang himself can’t help but be shocked by the just situation. Without consuming physical strength and attribute energy, such amazing lethality can be achieved just by relying on Yuan Soul Force, which is equivalent to Feng Yang’s fighting capacity not only enhanced by two or three levels, but also greatly increased by no less than three Wu Shen.
It is a watershed in Wu Shen, and there is not much expectation whether it can reach Wu Shen. After all, there are many mainland Wu Shen, but there are only a handful of Wu Shen.
"There is no Warcraft aura, rich and pure, but it is a good place to practice. Since I’m here, I can’t return home, and it is reported that thousands of years ago, the number of periods peak strong people fell in succession, most of them were attacked by powerful Warcraft because they went deep into the sunset mountains, so there must be a lot of treasures here, and three people who went out alive in the sunset mountains are already the top three martial artists of the famous pyramid in the mainland. This shows that the sunset mountains are definitely a very high mortality rate but also an excellent place to achieve the peerless strong."
Feng Yang thought to himself that wandering around the lake in an attempt to touch some streets could be hit by a pure natural and original little girl next door. However, this little sister Lin also fell in love with herself at first sight and loved her whole life.
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and forty-one Humans are inferior to Warcraft
Welcome you to come.
Facts and events prove that it is an absurd and beautiful wish in a daydream to walk down the street and be hit by a beautiful girl next door and let this beautiful woman secretly love to die and get lucky.
This wilderness seems out of place. Some people have a fairyland atmosphere, the environment around the lake, not to mention what treasures are. Even a special Lingcao has not been found, which makes Feng Yang unable to complete his long-cherished wish of finding a pile of Warcraft feces.
In addition to the rich and pure aura of heaven and earth, this place is only worthy of nostalgia, and perhaps it is still sweet. Drinking less of the lake here will not upset your stomach.
The lake has been here for a whole month, and the wind is rising. With the rich and pure energy here, it is an honor to break through the wall of the Three Wuxian and hit the level of the Four Wuxian.
Although the attack power of pure reiki is not ideal, Feng Yang is not worried about it. His attribute energy belongs to a kind of body potential and can instantly assimilate most types of energy, including this reiki flowing into other bodies and being assimilated into attribute energy. The attack power naturally increases instead of decreasing.
It seems that a month’s clean air and elegant and secluded environment here can cultivate a person’s sentiment. A month’s practice career makes the wind rise and the wind break, and sums up the same truth of life. That is, there may be things like a pie falling from the sky, but the chances of hitting one’s head in a few billion people are as slim as the occasional shoe beating Xiaoqiang to death. It turns out that ancient Warcraft has not yet awakened. It is not certain whether it can hit one’s head or not. Even if it does hit a pie, it is likely to be directly killed or smashed into a brain-damaged patient.
So much is summed up in one sentence: be down to earth.
So simple and honest, I will keep my feet on the ground and focus on whether there is any treasure left by a strong man on the ground.
After a month, the powerful departments of major cities gathered in the sunset mountains and entered the sunset city. The whole human life and death of Warcraft life and death war situation. Everyone has a sense of national mission and responsibility than hiding in the lake and leisurely cultivating an animal. No matter how much resentment and hatred they had before, they are now bent on fighting against the Warcraft army.
Sunset Mountain brings together at least tens of millions of practitioners, most of whom are Wu Xian, a master of Emperor Wu’s level. The strong in Wu Shen has tens of thousands of people, while the strong in Wu Shen has only a few hundred people. There are only three people known to be Wu Sheng.
These three martial arts departments were present at the scene to help kill Warcraft while directing the battle.
Among the billions of people, there are tens of thousands of Wu Shen and three martial arts sages. Thousands of years ago, after the human-magic war, several powerful people fell with all kinds of peerless martial arts, which led to the reduction of martial arts and martial arts for several grades. It can be said that the tiger is not at home and the monkey is called overlord.
This shows how low the probability of producing Wu Shen is, especially four. Wu Shen is produced among tens of millions of people. Every one of them can be described as a human being, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex is a limited number of people. Every Wu Shen can’t afford to be injured
This time, the war between people and demons can also be described as an earth-shattering cry of ghosts and gods.
Although the personal fighting capacity of the strong Emperor Wudi is not worth it, the tens of millions of Emperor Wudi combined with this huge number to attack is a martial art * The strong people all ignore it. Think about the tens of millions of attacks and the scenes that will be spectacular and horrible.
You can’t underestimate a practitioner. As the saying goes, a thousand-mile dike destroyed by an ant nest will bite people. Too many ants can dismember the huge Warcraft.