In the past two or three years, the number of super-order Warcraft in the forest has soared, and many high-order Warcraft have stepped over that hurdle and become a member of the super-order.

This explosive growth will occur every ten thousand years, and this time the situation is particularly serious. The result of the increase in the number of super-order Warcraft is that the competition for food, spouse and territory is becoming more and more fierce. The number of low-order Warcraft is falling at night, and the ecological balance of the forest is being broken and the ecological order is being disturbed. Hao Ren and their intervention have aggravated this situation.
Nature is trying its best to put everything back on track, just as when we are sick, we need an epidemic system to eliminate those things that lead to unhealthy health. For night forests, what does not lead to disorder is that there are too many super-order Warcraft night forests. The epidemic system has been brewing to eliminate these unhealthy factors.
The first thing a company should do before eliminating unhealthy factors is to eliminate those factors that do not belong to itself, and Hao Ren and his teammates are such factors that do not belong to the night forest.
Two super-order Warcraft led more than 500 senior Warcraft surrounded their campsite. After the completion of the camp camp, two gas-filled beasts roared one east and one west, and then hundreds of Warcraft roared at a distance. At least, they were quite scary from the situation. Don’t say that these Warcraft strengths are definitely a top voice.
The huge waves caused a small storm from the forest, and the wisdom of high-level Warcraft made them learn psychological warfare. This appearance ceremony was still colorful.
Thousands of green light spots appear around the camp, and the night never becomes an obstacle for Warcraft. They roar one after another and announce to everyone that this is their home.
Plants within 20 meters around the camp have been cleared so that everyone’s vision will not be affected. Trees and trunks are piled up to form a small highland. Hao Ren and Rodriguez and two girls are on the top platform with them and Xiao Ao.
He is putting the pins of home-made feather arrows in the most convenient position, and others are standing on their own sides quietly sorting out their own equipment. It seems that the thickness of the beast has not affected them, especially little Betty, to send drinks to everyone.
Seeing that the first step of intimidation didn’t succeed, the two super-order Warcraft seemed annoyed, which can be heard from their angry roar
The so-called dragon, cloud, tiger, wind, beast, before the wind, this wind is very strange. It has no direction. One moment it is facing left, and the next moment it is facing right. In the chaotic wind, a head with a shoulder height of more than three Mi Hu-shaped Warcraft appears in front of everyone. She is slender and handsome, with beautiful blue stripes. I can see that she is in a bad mood because she growls all the way.
However, it is not her who attracts everyone’s attention most, but a little guy beside her who is like a lion and misses a tiger. He is screaming like a grandmother and trotting to catch up with his mother’s pace. The little guy is so cute. His appearance directly overshadows his parents’ limelight. When the family’s "master" comes out, he is directly regarded by everyone.
The little guy didn’t know that its appearance completely made his parents try their best to create an atmosphere. After being destroyed, he was trying his best to show his teeth and claws, and with the smell of milk, he jumped around to scare people. Finally, the adults couldn’t help it.
As soon as the poof-poof disappeared, everyone laughed.
"So cute ….." Huahua and Betty have hugged and screamed.
Lord brake didn’t scream, but he was very upset. He muttered with a long sword, "How can I get rid of it after such a lovely time?"
Seeing this situation, the little guy’s dad’s lion with a mane like a flame was somewhat embarrassed and tossed.
Yelled, "I won’t eat you if humans leave my territory immediately!" "
He just finished yelling at the little guy’s mother. "What words! Roar (attack signal) "suddenly roar four groups of Warcraft moved up. These Warcraft liger masters (the lowest among lions, tigers and leopards are also intermediate).
Hao Ren shrugged his shoulders and said to Rodriguez, "tigresses with children are very irritable!"
break up
Chapter 122 Prelude to the crisis
There is no bonfire in Haoren camp, because the root doesn’t need a bonfire here. It can’t drive away Warcraft, but it will attract more Warcraft notes. Hao Ren has no support in the face of the attack of Warcraft.
Even in the face of the overwhelming low-level magic coverage attacks of Warcraft, he just asked Rodriguez to cast a energy shield that protected two girls and him
Wind blades, water arrows and several firebombs flooded the trees with low-level instant magic, built small highlands, and the solid trunks were scattered by sawdust.
Once again, the group of Warcraft completely overwhelmed the people in the highlands with its quantitative advantage, but it also didn’t get substantial results except messing up the hairstyles of all the people
For most Warcraft, hand-to-hand combat makes them strong. After a round of magic coverage, Mr. and Mrs. liger commanded that all Warcraft except a few magic attacks were strong, and all of them rushed to this small highland. In addition to magic, the melee ability of lions and tigers, especially in the jungle, was also ranked.
They are agile, the trees jump on the ground and show their sharp teeth and claws. In this way, the first outbreak of the battle will always be Xiao Ao. Even if there is no light source, Xiao Ao’s eyes can still let him see what he wants to see. Does he want to see it or not?
Quick and accurate shooting is tricky and deadly. All the targets are eyes, nostrils and opening your mouth when you shout. Leo didn’t finish his skill, but he was quick with three words.
Of course, no matter how fast it is, it is impossible to stop all the Warcraft seconds from rushing to Qiang Sen. Little Betty defends in one direction, while Little Jack and Huahua are responsible for coordinating Warcraft, which is like a huge wave and the highland is a reef.
They actually have a tacit understanding that the Ministry has given up the way of attacking outside energy, and there is no fighting and chopping, no "war trampling" and no "diamond dust boxing". There is a hammer, knight sword and delicate small fist that exudes a faint fighting light.
After so many days of training, everyone has learned one thing, that is, if you are effective and reasonable, your strength will be gorgeous, and fighting will be powerful, but it will also consume a lot. In this way, endurance is the most important in many battles, and fighting will be the most reasonable compared with their current fighting methods.
Qiang Sen, with a left shield and a right hammer, will always slightly adjust his body to the target angle when fighting, and do the most with the least effort. He has learned how to use the shield to defend Warcraft, and at the same time use the power of Warcraft to drive his body to rotate, and at the same time, the right hammer will increase his strength. At the same time, turning around like this will make Qiang Sen finally face Warcraft as little as possible.
Although it is a heavy weapon, Qiang Sen’s chosen landing point is not scattered. The back of the head, cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae along the spine in his target base are the places most frequented by Qiang Sen’s hammer. Adhering to Hao Ren’s consistent concept of war, one blow is fatal. It is worth noting that Qiang Sen didn’t fly far when he killed the body of Warcraft. Gradually, a ring-shaped corpse fortification was built around him.
At this time, the brake foot is also a corpse, but unlike Qiang Sen, the brake foot doesn’t have a complete corpse. Her swordsmanship is greatly reduced, and the situation of avoiding injuries and changing lives is frequent, and the flashing of the knight’s sword has helped her harvest another Warcraft life.
On the other side, Betty’s battlefield will look much better. Where has a Betty center vortex formed? Warcraft seems to be attracted by gravity and pounced on the center point. After a while, Betty turned into a corpse and was thrown out from the center of the vortex. The sapphire magic beast armor ice dance covered more than 9% of Betty’s body. The broken bone hand made Betty be in a position where it was not a weapon and moved quickly, which made several virtual shadows around her body and Qiang Sen and brakes different. In Betty’s eyes, the body of Warcraft could be fatal. What she had to do was to choose the right position and make appropriate techniques.
The left hand blocked a Warcraft attack on the left paw, and the middle finger reached forward, slightly protruding directly, interrupting the fourth rib of Feng Xiao Leopard’s left chest, which was broken into three segments and inserted into its heart and lungs. At the same time, Betty turned right and her right hand became a claw, which bypassed a wind wolf’s front paw like a strange snake and touched its throat. Its body blocked the other end, and Betty, a copper lion, came from Betty’s right back, and a dragon wagged its tail and kicked one end in an attempt to sneak attack on the panther’s waist, directly kicking its kidney and spleen.
Crushed the throat bone of the wind wolf, and at the same time, Betty’s half body seemed to be broken and fell backwards. The back of her head almost touched her heel. Betty successfully reduced her thickness to ten centimeters and successfully escaped the joint attack of the three-headed wind wolf, and bounced back as quickly as a powerful spring piece.
A pair of small hands with a cold chill turned into two sharp scalpels. Three wind wolves passed by and instantly cut the femoral arteries and tendons at both ends. The cold energy prevented the wound from healing. The strong heart of Warcraft made blood gush from the wound like a fountain.
The lucky wolf was about to turn around and continue to attack Betty when it turned its head. A white and kind cone-shaped object was accurately inserted into the gap between the third and fourth sections of its spine, which was widened by turning around. The odd-order quarrelling suddenly broke out and disappeared for a moment. This official walking in the shadow, when the unique ability of the king is extremely short, it will rise to the peak and then explode, and then it will be instantly restored to the moment when they attack, so that sharp fangs will be revealed.
Looks like we forgot someone else. Where’s Little Jack? Don’t worry, his horse will appear.
A rare shadow leopard tigress commands to approach the battlefield carefully. His goal is to face the caster. Even Warcraft knows that the caster will become a soft persimmon when he is close.