Chapter 62 Induction ()

A month later, almost all the people sent by Jianji and Yue Wang turned the place where the rock snake used to haunt upside down, but they still couldn’t find it. Even the Iraqi people, Ru Yan and Qi Mu, sent half of the July 7th troops who had already cultivated. After all, it is not impossible for the Iraqi people to unite with the rock snake and all those who are still resisting, and it is also very possible to unite with the remnants of the country.
Even WanJian told RuYan Qimu about his ghost village in the suburbs of Beijing, but RuYan Qimu didn’t care very much. After all, it was in the hands of the enemy, and it was just a once-in-a-lifetime search.
After this month, even the Iraqi spirit has already collapsed. She is now in a trance, but it is precisely at this time that people are the easiest to listen to others.
Mo Ling knows that she has the strongest fear for even Iraqis, and she will never believe it when she talks to her, although she will remember it, but …
"Come here!" At first glance, Mo Ling looked at this side and waited on the maids. Now these maids are all snake ladies in the palace of Qing Dynasty instead of their rock snakes. It’s a pity that if Shui doesn’t agree with him to do so, but now he has made plans … Can he justify it?
"What did you ask her to come over for?" Hailing came in with her newly-made doll in her arms. When the little maid came, she was afraid that Moling would see Hailing as soon as she saw the savior.
"Isn’t this going to explain to him?"
"metasomatism? Didn’t you say you would turn her into a snake lady? "
"I can go! This girl is easily cheated by people. If you really want more beautiful women to accompany you, the princess will be happy. When you don’t want it, we will have more dolls. "
"Ma ‘am, Nafu will talk to Ma ‘am about what to say to Lian Yiren."
Even the Iraqis were startled when they heard the door, and they were even more worried when they saw that Hailing was coming in. Lian Jian said that Hailing was dangerous several times.
"Princess Yue, you are really stupid to fall into the hands of the enemy. If you can talk about RuanHua, you might not be so miserable. Come on, I’ll clean it up for you."
As soon as I heard the cleaning, even the Iraqis became more irritable. They moved back and slammed into the bedpost and knocked down the wound behind it.
"Don’t worry, I’ve driven all those people away. Someone will listen to me."
Cold and a little warmth in the dark will make people very dependent on Hailing to clean up Lian Yiren’s body and give her medicine for her wounds.
"Princess Pearl …"
"Just call me Hailing."
"Can you help me get out of here?"
Hailing shook her head. "I can protect you for a while, but I can’t take you away or completely protect you, and … do you know what you are being stared at?"
"They say every day that they wanted to arrest my sister."
"That’s right, because before your sister escorted you from the nominal escort Hong Yi, they didn’t know that it was you again this time until they knew that you had returned to the capital, and before that, your sister had to go back and smell that it was your sister herself."
"What my name …"
"Don’t be sad if I tell you the truth. Everyone in that barracks is more valuable than you. No one in your name will have the interest to kill you."
Every word, even the Iraqis looked at her. "I know my sister is excellent …"
"She is good or lucky? What is she if she doesn’t meet a seagull and my brother? "
Hailing talked with Lian Yiren and continued to analyze and encourage her. She kept telling her that it was her bad luck, not that she was fine.
"Hailing can tell me? What on earth did my sister do to make you so angry? "
"Each has its own master. By the way, has Yue Wang’s arm been taken back?"
Even the Iraqis suddenly remembered this incident. At that time, I heard from Lian Jian that Hailing and Moling were doing "Are you doing it with that person?"
"I didn’t expect that it would be so tragic if he did it. At that time, I was stuck in the city by your sister. Maybe it was because he was worried that I would be taken back by your sister that I was so cruel. After all … capture the king first …",
Even the iraqis whined and cried. Hailing tilted her head and made an impatient expression. Then she quickly comforted, "If your sister didn’t block me, maybe Yue Wang wouldn’t be like this, which led to Yue Wang’s broken arm …"
"It’s her …"
"Yes …" Hailing cracked his mouth and smiled, which is really simple. It seems that after that, he can add some temperature …
Another month, too many changes have taken place in this month.
Yue Wang is gradually not in a hurry. That’s his wife and children, but just like Shang Lan, this is the way to make up for more than 60 days. In fact, it can be given up.
The rock snake has never made any conditions. Everyone thinks that even the Iraqi people will die. Otherwise, even the Iraqi people are very important, princess. That is the royal family. If it is not dead, how could it be detrimental to her value?
Still in such a hurry, it seems that even the father roars and the elder brother Lian Cang have been desperate since they knew that it was Mo Ling who took her away.
Lian Yiren’s personality is better than Lian Wanjian’s. Many soldiers in the army have a much better impression of her than Lian Wanjian’s, but falling into the hands of the enemy and still pregnant with the curse is as desperate as Lian Wanjian’s.
"Let’s send troops to the green country." Even the roars and the pale, of course, include King Yue and many generals.
Lianjia went to find Ruyan Qimu. "Send troops when the armament supply from Baicheng arrives."
"Don’t worry about it …"
"I’m not worried, but … I want to see people die and see corpses." Even the sex is much better than in the past, but you Yan Qimu can still feel the coldness and despair in what she said, but it’s just a replacement.
There is despair here, but even the Iraqi side is a little different now. Even a little light in the abyss of despair will make her unwilling to give up.
Sometimes the light shines in Hailing this month, and she is used to it. She chose the minister in Hailing.
Mo Ling, the black face, now talks about how to torture even Iraqis and won’t get anything. He can understand the heart and gain something. He is completely disgusted and feels that he didn’t tell Ruoshui until he talked.
Even the Iraqis now have a grudge against LianJianJia. She feels that she has suffered all these hardships, and LianJianJia must compensate her! It’s very important to pay for her unborn child!
Chapter 63 Spike Peak
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If the water went to even the Iraqis in person, even the Iraqis looked at if the water, and she didn’t say anything to if the water was positive. If the water seemed to be a person who looked down on her, she didn’t take the initiative to find her, and she was afraid to say it herself because she could see that even if the water was guarded against it.
Even the Iraqis looked at him and then looked at themselves deeply. What would even say that he was so dangerous was that she was too late and meaningless now?
"Ha Mo Ling’s hand is really cruel. How many days have you been arrested?"
Even the Iraqis didn’t answer him. Ruoshui is also an easy adult, not only pretending in front of Ruyan Qimu, but actually pretending to be too much. Now it has been polluted to his eyes. Even the Iraqis are not afraid.
In fact, even Iraqis have learned to use their brains after they are no longer simple. She knows that if Shuishui asks this question, it is not to show his gratitude, and then she will take the opportunity to benefit her. But now she hates being a gender group. If it is a man, she is particularly disgusted.
"Hailing told me that you were also cheated by your sister."
"What do you want me to do?"
You don’t have to do anything. I want to tell you something that Hailing didn’t tell you.
Even the Iraqis looked up and gave him a strong look. "Go ahead."
"You are very clever and I don’t want to hide it from you. I’ll give you a chance to save your husband!"
"Yue Wang? Save him? "
"Yes, Moling is the man who caught you and got extra money from his senior brother for his own life."