"Yes, although this is the kingdom in my palm, it doesn’t mean that you will be treated like a god when you go in. On the contrary, in this powerful world, you may die in vain at any time … Are you ready?"

"Don’t worry, I won’t die."
Ye Yu gently nodded at Naisha Naisha with a smile, and then he stepped into the delivery door.
"What a … idiot"
In the eyes, I crossed a little and immediately Naisha Naisha waved her hand and completely closed the door.
Chapter The Frozen Man
Feeling the sultry girl who is unique in summer nights, she shuttles through the campus in the dark.
At this time, a girl with red rimmed glasses and short black Qi Mei hair was walking on the campus that had become swinging.
The young girl is a third-year student of Juwang Academy, and the president of the student draws Cangna.
Of course, the name and identity are placed in front of those students and teachers. The real identity of the girl is actually a demon.
Cangna Sidi, this is the real name of the girl demon. She is the pure blood demon in hell, and the Sidi family is the successor, while her sister is the famous four demons, Leviathan.
The girl will still patrol the campus at this time for a simple reason, because she feels that something bad has mixed into the school.
"Lost the devil? It’s really bold to dare to hide in the foal king academy. "
In ancient times, the three forces of god, devil and degenerate angel fought a great war for world hegemony, which later fell into a stalemate and became a consumption of results. All three forces were consumed by this war
In this war, the death of God led to an increase in the number of angel methods and a sharp drop in combat power; The demon side also lost the fighting power of the four major demons/level 3 pure blood demons; The degenerate angel was almost wiped out except for a few cadres. Finally, the degenerate angel governor Azazeru took the lead in leading the degenerate angel out of the war. At the beginning, angel demons also withdrew from the war. This war ended without a tie, but all three forces concealed the news that God was dead.
Because of this war, the three forces were caught in the dilemma of insufficient combat power, and they began to rely on human beings to continue the angel, and began to cultivate the human swordsmen. Later, they developed the reincarnation angel, playing cards, demons, metempsychosis demons, chess and degenerate angels, and began to study the artifacts left by God that only humans can inherit.
To reincarnate the devil’s chess, human beings are almost different from demons, but sometimes the reincarnated demons leave their masters for various reasons. At this time, the demons are called lost demons.
Most of the lost demons are extremely unstable and aggressive, and it is easy to expose the demons to ordinary people in secret.
The first thing to do when you find a lost demon is to destroy it.
Today, before I left, I felt something was wrong, and I didn’t notice that there was a lost demon hiding in the campus while she was not paying attention.
This kind of danger can’t be released naturally, otherwise the students will definitely cause a major accident when they study the next day, so they plan to take action alone to get rid of him in the dark.
"All right, the game of hide-and-seek is over."
At the back of the gymnasium warehouse, she finally found someone she was looking for.
It was a man who was wrapped in black paint and exuded chaos. When he saw the pale sky, he opened his mouth and roared like a beast.
"Has lost his head? Don’t worry, you will be relieved soon. "
Pale that said and pushed his eyes.
"kill! Kill! "
With such a roar, the demon went crazy and lost, and attacked Cangna.
"Is there such a degree?"
A wave of a hand and a simple low-level magic water curtain impact the turbulent current will knock this lost demon out.
A little disappointed and shook his head. It seems that this demon body has no artifact, so his final value is gone.
But soon pale that is funny shook his head.
How precious is an artifact? How can it be that every human being is boarding in his body? Even myself, there are two family members who have real artifacts. Don’t be enough. It’s just that they were given artificial artifacts later.
"Well, I’ll get you out of it soon. I’m sorry."
She looked at the lost demon and growled, saying that the water was in her hand, and it was like having life, and she spun around and wrapped it around the lost demon
It seems that he can sense the danger. The lost demon wants to escape, but it is obviously too late. The high-speed rotating water cuts his body like a sword.
"Recently, the number of lost demons is increasing … degenerate angels seem to have something moving over there, and this world is becoming more and more restless."
Watching the lost demon slowly dissipate and withdraw the body pale, she sighed slightly and turned to leave, but at this time, a powerful force fluctuated and let the girl stare big with surprise.
"What … what? ! Is this force a trap? !”
Pale that consciousness that this lost demon is a degenerate angel set a trap in order to capture her sister of the Four Demons, but it turns out that she thinks too much. Even if degenerate angels are bold, they know who to touch and who not to touch.
Power comes from heaven, but it is not the power to be familiar with degenerate angels, but another power that makes Cang Na feel familiar and unfamiliar.
The demon Cang, who is proficient in water magic, feels that the strength in his body is vaguely agitated, and they seem to be afraid of something falling from the sky.
"What is …? !”
Pale that girl who was muttering to herself looked up at something with a blue tail that had fallen from the sky.
It exudes the power to make her feel afraid. It seems to be a person? Figure mercilessly fell in front of her to give a let a person scalp pins and needles to fracture.
Fine pieces of ice were scattered all over the place, and the man who looked at the sky and appeared in front of him was wrapped in his body, and most of the ice broke open.
"This ….. what is this situation? !”
Did you fall out of the plane? But why is it freezing? It’s summer!
Thought of here, pale that couldn’t help shivering because the girl found with horror that the surrounding temperature was decreasing at a faster rate than terror.
And the culprit is the man who is frozen in front of her at this moment.
Chapter 1 metempsychosis devil
Cangna doesn’t know why she moved this man home. This is the first time she has been in such close contact with a man, although it is separated by thick ice.
Looked down at his hands pale with severe frostbite, revealing some nai smile.
Not long ago, I thought it was troublesome in such a hot summer, but now it’s icehouse at home in a flash.
Now think about it, it is not a way not to bring this man home, just put it in the school. I am afraid that when students come to the school the next day, they will find that the school has become the North Pole.
But if we don’t try to get rid of this chill now, I’m afraid our home will become an Arctic glacier.
Pale that now also can try our best to make this chill nothing more than overflow to maintain in his room.
"Who on earth is this guy … is it that he is boarding an artifact human and then the body artifact runs away?"
Pale that some curious think so suddenly feel this possibility is very large.
I can be sure that the man in front of me is neither a demon nor an angel or a degenerate angel, then he may be a human being, boarding a powerful artifact human being!
Thought of here, pale eyes suddenly sparkled with intense light.
For their demons, human beings boarding artifacts are like a treasure house. If you make him your own family, your strength will definitely increase, right? By then, let’s see what you can do with me, Leah.
Think so pale that is took out his only three soldiers chess going to demon metempsychosis ceremony.
Each demon has at most sixteen chess pieces, and besides representing his own king, he can also give fifteen chess pieces to others, that is to say, he has at most fifteen reincarnated demon families.
Cangna chess is almost done, and now there are three soldiers left.