"I’m a Tiance Guard, and I’m even worse when I take an arrow from my knee." Speaking of this, Tiance Guard paused for a moment, then his face became ferocious and his expression became excited, shouting, "The soldiers of the Tang Empire killed the sky."

It’s simply a problem that a B-font master wants to kill Chitan Dan. Chitan Dan feels that death is coming, and he can’t see the trajectory of the other party’s move clearly. Naturally, he talks about not avoiding the place and waiting for death. It was not until the crisp "ding" sounded that he came to his senses and found that it was the rooster who threw himself out and stopped the fatal shot.
"The soldiers of the Tang Empire killed the sky, killed, killed"
The guardian of Tiance didn’t delay because he was blocked by the rooster. He once again binged and attacked Chitantan like a shower, and his gun pointed with a murderous look all over the sky.
"Ding, ding, ding"
The rooster turned into a ghost to keep out all the gun tips that attacked Chitantan; Chitan Dan has come to his senses. He knows that he must launch a "chicken-smelling dance"; Although he doesn’t have a little strength, it is flawed to smell the chicken dancing for the first time, and it doesn’t need to consume a little strength. The key point of smelling the chicken dancing is that the rooster can stop the speed of the Tiance Guard, and it will definitely hit the Tiance Guard.
Once you hit Tiance Wei, Tiance Wei will be dizzy for 3 seconds, and sometimes the cock will die. The "unknown" attack power is matched with enough steel needles tied to claw snake venom to kill Tiance Wei.
"Oh, oh, oh …" When the chicken dance moves were launched, the rooster gave a high cry, and its colorful feathers instantly stood upright, like a colorful flame crashing into the sky.
Tiance’s defensive gun, such as flashing, directly strikes the rooster, temporarily giving up on Chitantan’s pursuit. He is an NPC who can defend against danger and respond to objects that threaten his life. Chitan Dan didn’t care much about the smell of chicken dancing at this time. The key point was not him. He was the initiator. The smell of chicken dancing was played by the rooster.
However, Chitantan will not stay and watch him directly launch the "Plum Blossom Dart Method", and a whole hundred plum blossom darts will fly away like a goddess. Darts are not painted with snake venom. Chitan wants to paint them, but blacksmiths are talented when weapons are painted with poison. Chitan can poison sundries but not weapons.
The rooster directly rotates and folds to his body in the middle of the night, hiding in the plum blossom dart all over the sky. When the object threatening his life disappears, Zhong Cewei turns to deal with the plum blossom dart. At the moment when he turned his attention, the rooster suddenly appeared from the plum blossom dart and spun behind Tiance Wei to listen to "touch" a rooster and slammed into Tiance Wei.
Day policy who "wow" spit out one mouthful blood and then straight wait for a while there; Chitan Dan has been waiting for Tiance Wei to be dizzy, so when he saw that Tiance Wei didn’t respond, he yelled at Tiance Wei with a shoulder pole and swept his face. For 3 seconds, Chitantan deducted 1 blood volume from Tiance Wei for each attack. If he can’t kill Tiance Wei himself, there is still a rooster, which is a fate chicken.
Tiance Wei’s heart was dug out from behind by a rooster, and the front and back connected holes made Chi Tandan look silly in front. He likes to pat others’ heads, but I didn’t expect the rooster to dig people’s hearts. It’s true that a family doesn’t sleep in the same bed!
"pass! ! !” Three seconds before Tiance Wei fell flat on the ground, and blood slowly overflowed from him and dyed the ground red.
"You eat the heart?"
Chitan Dan was just about to see the bag fight for profit when he heard the sound of "eat, eat" and turned his head to see that the rooster was eating the heart of God. This scene is even more horrible than him smashing someone’s head, and it’s so weird to eat a chicken’s heart. So Tan Tan said that his voice was a little shaky.
When I heard the sound of Chitan’s voice, the rooster raised its head soaked in blood, and the tiny chicken/eyes flashed with a strange light, and Chitan’s cold came out. Is this a martial arts game? Why is there a chicken demon? No matter what, it’s always his own "chicken" also follows himself and comforts himself with a few words, and then forcibly diverts attention to test the war benefits.
"It’s terrible to send a B-size expert after a test. It’s really impossible to do it at an early stage without loopholes." Muttered while turning out the things that belong to the war. "Is there a token in the slot?" Chitan Dan hopping foot scold a way
It is also understandable to have a token. It is said that this is a test, that is, there is definitely nothing else in the tester’s body. There is a watch that passes the test token; The token is a little heavy, with a smooth pattern and the word "Tiance" engraved on it, while the word "?"
Chitantan put his thumb there. Listen to the "card". A small piece of iron sheet pops up at the bottom of a token, which is sandwiched with a roll of silk cloth. Chitan Dan carefully took the silk cloth from the iron cloth and spread it out. Before reading it, he heard the general statement, "You passed the test and successfully got the sunset train. From then on, it belongs to you alone. Success has rewards and failure has penalties, but it will always be there and you can work hard to complete it."
At the same time, all the players who received the 1175 players heard the unified message that "the sunset you received has disappeared, and you will be punished if you fail to challenge"
"Sunset can still rise in Ran Ran in the morning. You have completed the test and proved that you have the ability to rebuild the Tang Empire. Please find the royal blood of Tang Dynasty to support him in rebuilding the Tang Dynasty and let the Tang Empire kill the sky."
"I can’t afford this weight on my little shoulders!" Chitan Dan some dumbfounded shouted
The announcement of "Hiding Identity-The Last Day Tiance Defends the Worldly Tianfan Master’s Shock and Vows to Kill the Remains of Datang"
"Nima said it was a hidden identity. Why did it still be announced that everyone knew it?" Chitantan once again shouted at the ceiling.
"In the last days, the martial arts Xuanjia rode heavily on Xuanjia, and the heavy cavalry created by Emperor Taizong Li Shimin swept across the sky."
"In the last days, the martial arts of Tiance Wei, the sword, the sword, the sword, the sword, and the sword array of Datang are invincible."
"Name: Sunset, Tiance, Rebound, Harvest, Tiance and Guard Suit. Only when you have Tiance and Guard Suit can you display Tiance and martial arts to return to Lee’s Freight Stack to explore the real boss of Lee’s Freight Stack."
"Pa" pre-loaded silk cloth token smashed into a piece of Yu Pei Yu Pei, both sides of which are engraved with human faces that say "head, body, weapon" and so on, which is exactly the player’s attribute bar equipment grid.
"In the last days, Tianpei jewelry’s attribute bonus cannot be traded, discarded or dropped. Before the establishment of the Tang Dynasty Empire, the last days of Tiance Wei walked in the light, and the last generation of Tiance Wei put the suit in Tianpei; When you want to make a suit, you need to start the last days, and all the suits will be directly equipped in the Tiance body. "
Note: due to the particularity of this suit, it does not occupy the player’s equipment column when equipped; When making this suit, all the attributes of the suit will be added to all the attributes of the player’s current equipment.
"That’s awesome. This is not to say that I have two sets of equipment and the property after equipment is the sum of two sets of equipment? Oh, no, there are only two sets of equipment attributes when starting the last-day policy guard suit. "After reading it, Chitantan’s resentment about the last-day day Pei taking up his only waist jewelry bar has slowed down a lot."
"Suit, suit brother is coming!" When returning to Chitantan along the original road and drilling the pothole channel, he shouted at the sunny day that there was a loud noise behind the voice, and Chitantan was shocked. When I turned my head, I saw that the pothole collapsed and was soon covered by sand. After a while, the old pothole site disappeared and disappeared into a sandbag.
Chitan Dan walked in the direction of Chuncheng and looked back when he walked to another sandbag. The sandbag the size of a long desert could not find the location of the front pothole. After eating the heart of the last day, the rooster will regain its dull appearance. If you bear it on your back, it will be dull, but if you let it move freely within 100 meters, it will become full of vitality.
Chapter VI List (1)
New list, new list, first page, first page, food and clothing
The tower’s fat ass wriggled around, and Ruchun was very dissatisfied and patted his ass. The tower immediately screamed, "Big Brother, she molested me."
"molested your sister! If you move around like this, the pole will be noticed in the distance. Then how can we avenge ourselves? " Ping Ruchun low scold a way
Golmud Desert is a Tibetan territory in Jianzhou. Today, it often organizes players from all cities in Jianzhou to sweep away sand thieves. With his growing prestige, he was killed by Chi Tandan in Luzhou Fanchu City, and the matter was also dug up by the players. Today, he didn’t deny the poem, but he was very honest. Please tell him if you see Chi Tandan in Chucheng in the desert.
Guo Chitan Dan just walked out of the pothole and was soon discovered by a group of Jianzhou fans. One of them was clever, but actually he was not clever. He was one of thousands of players who were slaughtered in Yee Gong Zhai. So he recognized Chitantan at a glance. When other players were going to kill this Luzhou wild dog, this player ran away. It was he who sent the news to today’s unscrupulous poet.
Chitantan was a little annoyed by several groups of statebuilding players, so he grabbed the rooster from his back and let it spread around and be a scout. This allowed him to avoid several waves of sand thieves and statehood players, and by the way, he also avoided the elaborate ambush of today’s poems.
"Turned?" I was extremely depressed when I heard that Chitan Dan suddenly turned to today’s poetry. However, depression didn’t last long, that is, ambush can’t work, so just cover it up.
So today, I don’t say "chase" in a poem.
Hundreds of players fluttered out of the sand, and to be honest, hiding in the sand in the hot sun is really very uncomfortable and their hunger and thirst are declining; If today’s obscene poems are not generous and appealing, it would be more difficult for players to lie in the sand for nearly half an hour.
"Have a pursuer? Anyway, how do you know it’s a pursuer? Did you remember that I killed someone? Well, is it the guy who looks white and clean and looks like a Gao Fushuai gigolo? Is it really him? "
The rooster waved his claws and shook his comb, which made him wonder. Then he saw the rooster run out of a hundred meters away, then chug chug rushed over and ran out of a hundred meters away, and then chug chug rushed over. Chitantan, this is just a little white. It should be that someone is scurrying behind in this enemy territory. Dare to sprint must be the enemy’s. Chitantan talked about the tentative rooster. I didn’t expect this demon chicken to go against the sky and actually answer his question.
"Big Brother, he’s speeding up. Damn it, how did he know we were chasing?" Tower sullenly said
"It must be that you are too big and stupid to be found by him." Mo Wen didn’t good the spirit said.
After nearly two and a half hours of chasing and fleeing, Chitantan finally escaped into the Lufan territory, and then he was arrogant and stopped chasing at the border. Today, he shouted, "I am very grateful to the Japanese boss for sending my younger brother away from thousands of miles; Even when we get to the border between Lu and Fan, the boss might as well come in and sit on the little brother’s shoulder pole. It’s already thirsty! "
He dared to be so arrogant because nearly 10,000 Luzhou Fan "Qi City" players gathered on the border.
"It’s too hot in the desert, brother. It’s hard to be hungry again. Bring more water, or your blood will be spilled all over the Golmud desert." Today’s poems are not showing weakness.
"What kind of bare-shouldered blood will spill all over the desert?" The tower asked high
"Because he doesn’t have clear water to drink his own blood, but we refused to let foreign dogs bleed everywhere in Jianzhou Fandesert, and eventually the blood spilled in Golmud Desert" belongs to Mo Wen.
"Shout a few words, Mao Jianzhou, the dog has the guts to come here." Chicheng players slowly gathered around Chitantan, and some impatient players started shouting at Jianzhou players. Naturally, they were not to be outdone, so the border "Jianzhou Dog Luzhou Dog" scolded and scolded. Anyway, everyone was a dog.
Naturally, the fan players are not harmonious, but they will certainly be generous with the enemy when they are against the enemy; The reputation of Chuncheng bare pole is very loud, and the record of one enemy and a thousand enemies makes Chitandan the most powerful player in Luzhou. He has a fresh feature that many farmers and players don’t like carrying poles, and they have changed them into other weapons one after another, which makes Chitandan, a non-mainstream weapon, one of his characteristics.