It seems that the more urgent he is, the more potential he has. When Gongsun Zhi anxiously stares at the Emperor Phoenix Night, he relies on that little thought to support the fear that when he receives Liu Sunseeker’s death, he will be completely out of control! !

W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 294 A thought of good and evil
Will not survive or become a complete demon, and each ending is something that their loyal families don’t want to see.
You can pray silently for Miss Liu Xiyue to come back soon. You must come back! !
Liu Xixi feels that she is dying of hunger at this moment. How long has she been here?
One day? Two days?
No matter how beautiful the scenery is, there is already a feeling of driving people crazy and depressing.
That woman played the piano without playing, and Liu Xi wanted to kill ya at night! !
Did you kill him? Maybe I will be free, maybe I will fall into a perpetual sleep and become a vegetable.
Liu Xiyue has a general grasp of hypnosis methods and details. After all, whether she took this course or thanks to the famous foreign hypnotist teacher, she was able to make a small achievement, but she just stepped into hypnosis and couldn’t compare with a real expert.
However, she has a deep memory of the expert’ s words-if you are hypnotized and want to find out your own part of thinking from it, then you can get out of trouble. No matter how powerful the hypnotist is, he can achieve ten beauties without breaking the cage.
She wanted to think, suddenly turned into a dagger dagger in her hand, and slowly put it on the girl’s neck, Liu Xixi, and smiled at the evil spirits. "I’ll kill you if you don’t stop?" ! !”
The girl who couldn’t see her face waved her finger music and circulated again. Liu Xi felt that her heart was more violent and an evil spirit went straight to her head. She suddenly covered her eyes and whispered, "This is my first reaction to suppress anger and want to kill someone. This is what hypnotic bastard wants me to get emotional-"
Her beautiful eyes suddenly stared at the girl. "I must have fallen into the trap he set for killing you."
The beautiful girl didn’t answer her words and continued to play. Then Liu Xiyu found that her finger suddenly got stuck in the third bar and lost a syllable before returning to the original melody.
Liu Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up at night. Is this where the change is different?
She touched the female hand and there was no response. She touched the wrong strings and there was still no response.
I tried to imitate the woman, but the officials didn’t respond.
Liu Xixi angrily broke one of the strings last night, and then she suddenly widened her eyes and lay in the trough. She found that some memories of her past suddenly disappeared.
Oh, my god! ! The final effect of this hypnosis turned out to be that she lost all her precious memories! !
What if Liu Xi’s face turned white at night and he never dared to touch anything again? It’s been a long time since she felt helped again. The first time was when she was bullied by other children in the orphanage. The second time, a kind family adopted her, but finally she had her own child and sent her back. The third time, she was cheated by her boyfriend who had always loved her. The fourth time, she found herself crossing here. This is the fifth time-
Liu Xixi murmured at night, "I almost forgot this feeling."
When she came to this world, she used to be confused, distressed and afraid, but slowly when her mother and brother left her the best food, when Xuanyuan Lin recognized her as her brother, when Emperor Feng looked at her at night and promised to be a couple for life, he said that unless you don’t want to, she really wants to continue living and see if there will be a miracle next.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 295 There is something wrong with the temple
But she is likely to forget all these precious memories now, or she will starve to death here. This is a way to solve the dilemma.
Liu Xi felt a little sore in her nose at night. She slowly lowered her head, buried her eyes in her arms and sobbed gently. Can you find me at night?
Emperor Feng suddenly woke up from a dark dream at night. He almost fell asleep. If he fell asleep, he would miss the best opportunity to save Yueer! !
After watching a dark day, I sank my eyes. "What news is there outside to find out about you and report it to the emperor?"
"Temple, I deliberately looked for everyone in this princess royal mansion to inquire about it again, but they really don’t seem to know anything. We even tried some methods to get a personal servant to tell him the truth, but he still didn’t say anything."
"I’ve searched all the rooms in princess royal House, and I’ve gone to princess royal Room and found nothing. I’ve knocked on all the walls and found no secret room."
"There is nothing unusual about princess royal in the temple, but she seems to have become obedient to Liu Zheng and stopped playing Toy Boy. It’s still late-Liu Zheng has done a lot of things with her! !” The person in charge of princess royal is Mo Mo. When he said these words, his expression was a bit strange. Liu Zheng was ashamed of this guy. He was a bad man, but he prepared so many tools to come to princess royal and ran her * * * * * * * …
Princess royal seems to be reluctant, but I don’t know why or what handle falls on Liu Zhengyu’s hand and I dare not shirk it. Of course, she enjoyed it in the end.
However, when she goes back, she will feel extremely ashamed, and she often beats and scolds her close-fitting maid-in-waiting to vent her anger. Now all the girls around her are covered in scars, which is simply terrible.
Ink wanted to think these situations are more subtle way to tell the emperor phoenix night.
Emperor Feng meditated for a while and then said, "I’m going to change my night clothes and have a look in person before making a decision."
Gongsun Zhi immediately realized that the idea of Emperor Phoenix Night was too busy to stop the way of Emperor Phoenix Night. He knelt down and said, "I dare not stop the decision of the temple, but please think twice about the overall situation of the temple. Don’t kidnap princess royal and force things."
Emperor phoenix night eyes at this time seems to be indifferent to no one feelings he coldly tunnel "the emperor has its own claims! !”
Say that finish push Gongsun Zhi ordered as they walked along "white with others still act according to the original command! !”
It’s the most obedient thing in it, showing a difficult expression, lying in the trough and bullying me, an honest man! !