"At first, because she was Yiqing’s sister, listening to her call Yiqing’s big brother made my brother feel envious. Later, when I met him more, my brother felt burning, frank, lively, round and lovely, and gradually took her as a sister." Qi Yexiao "Such a lovely and round girl always makes people feel comfortable. After she met Fu An, her character was driven by her."

This is the first time that Qiye Jinglong Emperor talked about Tao Burning, and he answered it fluently and freely. It also made Jinglong Emperor think that he was really greedy for friends because he didn’t have a sister, and think that Tao’s six girls had a sweet meal and met themselves. Other ladies brought some fear, and they didn’t flinch, but they felt frank and natural.
And the most important thing is that her own princess likes Tao Zhuo, and because she is close to eating, her appetite is sweet and her appetite is good. Many personalities have become cheerful. These queens have told themselves that Emperor Jinglong herself has seen it in her eyes.
You have something to say.
Emperor Jinglong grew up with his younger brother and should become a real man!
Brother Jin really doesn’t have to worry so much.
Queen Meng has eaten too much salted radish.
Chapter 19 Chapter 19
"Yiqing is also because I am good at burning and eating." Qi Ye didn’t exaggerate that Tao Yiqing really tasted the two people’s manners and manners, and sometimes even he couldn’t get in touch, feeling that "he probably felt that his big brother’s position was lost."
Emperor Jinglong laughed at his funny words. "Yes, you don’t know that when brothers protect their sisters, others are good to their sisters, and they still feel delicious." When he was young, he also met his cousin in the imperial clan, and he was scared by the public to please his sister, so he strictly guarded people from approaching for fear that his sister would be robbed.
Emperor Jinglong thought that when the younger sister got married at that time, his cousin cried and burped and laughed. "It is estimated that Master Tao will not be able to bear it until six girls get married. This is because people love their younger sisters at home."
Because Tao Yiqing already had an official position, Emperor Jinglong called him so. He knew that his official position was naturally informed by the king of Jin.
"The two holy ladies are outside the temple." Zhong Zhang came in and bowed down and told them.
Emperor Jinglong sat up from the couch. "Go and have a look."
He also wants to see, this is how the two ladies told this story.
If it hadn’t been known by his younger brother, Emperor Jinglong felt that Bofu would find a way to connect the outer room into the house, which would have made Tao Guangqi’s fault in raising the outer room. But obviously this road doesn’t work now. Are these two ladies here to plead?
Qiye did know some things about Wei’s Tao Guangqi’s unhappy feelings, but along with Shaw, there were some doubts about their plans.
Therefore, when Shaw knelt down to confess his sins, he said, "The holy old man’s example is not strict, and he has come to confess his eldest son. Other women and children are unreasonable in their feelings and laws. Please take back his title of uncle and directly take my grandson’s first grandson Tao Yiqing."
King Jinglong Emperor Jin was shocked. Zhong Zhang couldn’t believe what he heard.
Actually, a mother asked her son to give up the title to her grandson. Although it is supposed that this title will be the eldest grandson sooner or later, this title of Tao Guangqi is rare when he is in his prime.
Emperor jinglong just heard the king of Jin say a word and then asked, "The old lady and Mrs. Bo get up first. Have I heard the king of Jin say something?"
Zhong Zhang busy in the past to help shaw weishi also hold weishi live.
"Yes," Shaw cast a grateful glance at Zhong Zhang and replied, "An old woman learned about this and asked the noodle man to take it back to the office. He said that the woman was approved by her deceased wife Fang to marry a flat wife and live in a house outside …"
Shaw will probably tell and hide things.
Because such a thing has long been known by the king of Jin that he is hiding something from the emperor. If he wants to find out what they are hiding, they can’t hide it.
And it’s not necessary
"My wife suspects that the article is fake, and I think the handwriting looks like his mother, but I don’t think his mother will agree to it."
Shaw went on to say, "At the beginning, not only did an old woman disapprove of Du Xi Niang’s entrance, but Qing Gang Niang didn’t want her flat wife to enter the door, so she let an old woman take care of people. Now my eldest son has taken out that article, whether it is true or not because of his alienation from the mother’s mansion outside and his delay in asking Qing Gang to be sealed. Obviously, it should be left to the one outside, which is not in line with the ceremony. It should have been sealed three years ago."
"An old woman knows that if she has a fake, she will be exiled if she really raises a foreign room. She doesn’t want the reputation of the government to be destroyed in the future, but she has to ask Saint to give her title to her eldest grandson as soon as possible."
Shaw’s slightly hoarse voice echoed in the temple, which made the emperor, who had always been used to the wind and waves, move.
This is a mother nai or an uncle’s elder and younger generation.
The incident of Chengning Bofu seems to be a family matter, but it also involves officials who are suspected of violating the law and bearing a title. In this case, Tao Guangqi actually wants to give up his office for a long time, and whether or not his wife is raised in Tao Yiqing’s trip is a big mistake. This outside public can’t cross Tao Yiqing.
And Tao Guangqi’s move disgusted Jinglong Emperor in every way.
Whether it is favoring this flat wife or the outer room, it is very similar to the original emperor, and this flat wife said that it was when the first emperor was alive. It was only after abolishing the status of high-ranking imperial concubine and making her even with the queen mother that the folk custom was derived. After she acceded to the throne, it was forbidden to do flat wives again.
Tao Guangqi also left the world without asking for a seal, which is even more like his own orthodoxy, but he has to give way to the abolition of Gao Guifei. This Tao Yiqing is in a similar situation.
Because Tao Yiqing is a close friend of the Jin Dynasty and has been honed by learning and scientific research to become an official and excellent, Emperor Jinglong, who is too assistant minister in the future, prefers something. At this time, he feels that it is really a good method to give this title directly to Tao Yiqing.
Shaw has been hanging half-way since he finished, and the first-class Jinglong Emperor said.
Wei Shi found that as her mother-in-law told about Emperor Jinglong’s anger at that moment, she thought that Tao Guangqi, who had been in a dark situation at the beginning, had touched the holy lamella, and today’s entry into the palace must be assured.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Emperor Jinglong to speak slowly. "This flat wife was also forbidden after I succeeded to the throne. Unless there are special circumstances, most officials who have married flat wives have already lowered their concubines, even if they are not definitely lower than their original wives. But after hearing this, I think that what the old lady said is even false and needs to be verified. So it is against the law for Tao Guangqi to raise an outer room."
"An old woman begged for mercy. He wouldn’t exile, cut off his official position, and stay in Beijing to be an idle person." Rao is Tao Guangqi’s bloody Shaw, and he doesn’t want him to go to this bitter cold place. It’s a long way to go and I don’t know when to go back. Even people may die outside.
Shaw thought it would be better to let him keep him just in front of him.
Jinglong emperor recognized her unfinished words, but he thought it was good. It was also difficult to be his own son Shaw.
"I usually listen to the king of Jin saying that if the pottery master can excel, he will not be liked by Cheng Ningbo after different pottery masters, right?"
Although I don’t know whether it is unpopular or not, Emperor Jinglong can infer it from this incident.
Shaw was afraid that Emperor Jinglong had a bad impression on Tao Yiqing. After all, the father taught him to be busy. "The young boy was not hated by my big son since he was a child. This child was raised by an old woman and moved to the front yard after he was six years old. Most of them were his third uncle Tao Yulang who taught his father to treat him coldly. This child is honest and has not complained about his father. Resentment is just alienation."
Emperor Jinglong was very happy when he heard the news. "Oh, I said that the pottery master Cheng Ningbo is so different. It turned out that the pottery master was taught to grow up. Although I am not polite to say this, Cheng Ningbo is not as mediocre as the pottery master. Although it is in the same strain, it is the real influence on a person. I think the future of the pottery master can be great."
Wei Shi thinks that the sentence "Saint" is not an exaggeration, because Tao Yiqing is excellent, the king of Jin is very close friends, and the appreciation of Emperor Jinglong will directly inherit the future.
Emperor Jinglong also wanted to give this title to Tao Yiqing at this time. "But whether Tao Guangqi is raising a room or marrying a flat wife, the old lady and Huian Township Jun had better check it out."
These two things are still different in nature, and the former is naturally more serious.