Liu Xixi felt that her little face was perfect for barbecue at this time, so she was ashamed and became angry.

"How come the temple is so useless? It’s not bright yet, and you’re still conscientious. You just read a few words and flirt with my daughter! !” Liu Xi turned his face at night
I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be angry but vowed to tunnel, "That’s because he recited the Analects of Confucius for a year without thinking that I could recite it for three months in a month."
Lying in the trough is shameless
Liu Sunseeker was busy turning to look at Xiao Gu Xiao Gu and proudly holding his head up. "That’s natural, but the great emperor has calculated that you didn’t see General Xuanyuan’s Analects of Confucius. He won’t forget it for a year. Mr. Liu asked him to take it out for more than half. Later, when he asked, he realized that he always forgot to bring toilet paper to the toilet, and he tore his ass."
Emperor phoenix night corners of the mouth satisfactorily hooked a small gu, it was his confidant, and he was rewarded for a while.
Liu Xixi’s mouth was surprised at night, but she believed that Xiao Gu really didn’t discredit Xuanyuan Lin. Didn’t they meet for the first time because of toilet paper?
"Erdian, you are swaying and showing off," Liu Xixi complained in the tunnel at night. "Didn’t you say that you would win without arrogance and lose without grace?"
"That’s a man with no self-confidence." Emperor Feng waved his hand discontentedly at night and then said coldly, "You don’t apologize for comparing me with such a mediocre person."
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Chapter 347 Coax a girl
Liu Sunseeker stare big eyes at night and suddenly see the Emperor Phoenix Night and take out the empress code, ready to add something to the face and bow his head, saying, "I’m sorry."
Emperor phoenix night this just slowly put away the code in his hand and continue to look at what Liu Sunseeker did this time. He resolutely ignored her.
Liu Xixi teased him for a while and felt a little left out and embarrassed, so she was angry.
Without extra trouble, I fished mo from the outside to make things, and all kinds of white rabbits, camels and giraffes also made a silhouette of the phoenix night.
Next to Xiao Gu, everyone looked amazing, but the emperor ignored her at night.
Damn it! !
Liu Sunseeker caught fire in his heart at night, and conveniently smashed the rabbit at hand to the Emperor Phoenix Night.
Emperor Phoenix caught it at night as if she had eyes.
Liu Sunseeker’s eyes were red at night. "Ignore me. Forget it. I’ll go and see Mammy Shen."
See the willow sunseeker night gas ran the emperor chicken night some nerve-racking "it’s crying? Xiao Gu Huang hasn’t bullied her yet, has he? "
Xiao Gu nodded desperately. "That’s the emperor. You usually spoil her too much."
Emperor Feng glanced at him discontentedly at night, and the words in Xiao Gu changed tone, and then abruptly broke the right path: "A pet should be a wife, but it is a pet."
Emperor phoenix night this just took a bad look at Liu Sunseeker’s doing these embarrassing animals with a headache and then ordered Xiao Gu to "take out some things from icehouse and put them in. I will see them next year."
Xiao Gu’s head is sweating next year. Do you want to see it next year?
Oh, my God, it’s still a problem to keep it until then
But wanted to think, anyway, Modo is just letting Liu Sunseeker pinch a few tricks later, but he didn’t expect things to change until the emperor wanted to see it at night, but the man who pinched Mo Rabbit may not still be around …
At this time, Lin Guangyao couldn’t look at it anymore, and he bowed down and said, "The temple girl is trying to coax you into bullying whoever you like. It’s a good problem to change from an early age."
Emperor Feng night smell speech awkwardly touched his nose ―― did he?
Lin Guangyao took out a small box that he had already prepared, and it was hot and I didn’t know what baby it was.
Small gu curious tunnel "temple slave can have a look?"
Emperor phoenix night nodded and he was curious.
Three chubby, white and soft rabbit cakes suddenly appeared in front of you in a red and dark box.
Three people will love it later.
Emperor Feng grabbed the cake at night and said to Xiao Gu, "Well, the emperor suddenly feels a lot lighter today. You push me out for a walk."
Lin Guangyao smiled as if a chrysanthemum was blooming. "Go to the temple and be sure to coax the empress back."
Emperor Feng didn’t seem to hear his heart depressed with a straight face at night. Don’t be so white.
At this time, Liu Xixi met a little maid-in-waiting outside at night, saluted slightly and said, "Good girl, Queen Mother, please go to one."
Liu Sunseeker looked at it carefully for a while and recognized that the little maid-in-waiting was really around the Queen Mother, so she nodded and said, "You lead the way."
Foam city smell speech couldn’t help worrying. She won’t forget that Mo Ruan Ruan framed them that day.
Empress dowager? Isn’t Mo Ruan Ruan’s biggest backer?
So the little maid-in-waiting was in front and Moxi was in the back, desperately pulling Liuxi’s sleeve at night.
Should we tell the temple? Foam city stared at her eyes with the intention of letting Liu Sunseeker understand her eyes later.
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Chapter 34 Dead duck mouth shut
Liu Sunseeker really understood it at night and disdainfully showed his little finger-something. Look at me.
But as this little maid-in-waiting walks east and west, her face turns black at night. Hum again?
But she didn’t expect to find her trouble this time, not Mo Ruan Ruan, but Liu Caiyuan in buddhist nun.
It’s the original Liu Caiyuan, who has some plump, charming and cute young men who can attract men’s attention. Who doesn’t like to spoil the little girl like this?
It’s this that makes her look like a willow. She’s all skinny, her eyes are dark and her eyes are horribly dark. What’s worse, her whole vitality seems to have been sucked away by evil spirits, and she’s generally dark and there’s an unspeakable gloom.
What’s more strange is that there is an unexpected woman beside her.
"Oriental Jade, why are you here?" In the evening, Liu Sunseeker frowned at the quiet-looking Oriental Jade while grasping the heavy rain pear needle machine around BIU. She really changed a lot.
Oriental jade has been stunned for a long time, and her heroism has long been swaying. She also had a serious illness after returning home. After all, the method of poison made her forget everything and brought her a terrible vice. Her character has also become indecisive.
The little maid-in-waiting bitter face way "so you can leave me alone? Don’t be hard on my brother, okay? I did what you said, and please don’t blame me, girl. This is-this is a last resort. "
"Hum you are forced to? If I were not a late-night girl but an empress, would you be so easily threatened by them? " Liu Xixi is a little funny. Does she look like a virgin and a bad person?
Persimmons are still here to pretend to pity me. Are you blind?
The little maid-in-waiting didn’t expect Liu Sunseeker’s party to say such things and pursed her mouth with a face of indignation. "Is Miss Liu Sunseeker so cruel to my brother from ruin? I know that you nobles trample on our civilian lives naturally as ants. "
"Funny, your brother’s life is valuable, but my life is not?" Liu Sunseeker laughed late, and the cold light in her eyes made the little maid-in-waiting feel chilling.
She bit her lip dead duck mouth shut "where will you die? They, they mean to talk to you, not to kill you. "
"Hehehe, if you talk to me, do you still need your brother’s life to threaten?" Liu Xi looks impatient at night, a little maid-in-waiting. I’m too lazy to talk to you.
Directly a flying knife flew past and stuck it in the maid-in-waiting hemp hole, and the maid-in-waiting fell to the ground and stared at Liu Xixi in horror and disbelief.
Liu Meiren and Oriental Jade also got a fright. Liu Caiyuan couldn’t think of Liu Sunseeker being so scared that he hid behind Oriental Jade without a trace.
The viciousness of the fundus is even deeper. I will order someone else’s hemp points this evening! ! !
But she remembers that she and Mo Ruan Ruan were ordered hemp holes in the cave that day before they were succeeded by the beast twins.
Laughing coldly, Liu Xiyu didn’t worry about Liu Caiyuan guessing that she was in the cave that day, and she was afraid that she couldn’t guess it.
"It was you who ordered me and the acupuncture points in the cave. It was you." Liu Caiyuan almost named Mo Ruan Ruan and couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat. She can remember that Mo Ruan and the queen said that if she wanted to fight for the family, she could say that there was still Mo Ruan. Anyway, no one saw Mo Ruan present at that time. The twins were dead witnesses.
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Chapter 349 She deliberately! !
Liu Meiren fundus with a fear and unwilling.
Finally, all the hate was transferred to Liu Sunseeker. "I won’t let you go! You have something to do. Kill me now! !”