Month: May 2024


The host was the first to react and walked over to Xiao and said, "Congratulations on your success. Do you want to say something?" As he spoke, he handed over the microphone.

"I want to say a word." I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and squeezed the microphone. My eyes stared at the seventeen words. "I am definitely a fucking noble!" "You are, you are indeed." Seventeen sincerely said, "I won’t say…


After Xie Cunguan took one look at this special boxing ring, he left this place with Lin Bing. When Liu Fan came, he kept chatting with the Hakka people at the mouth of the cave.

Back to the hotel, Xie Cunguan immediately joined Guo Tanlu and asked him to get to Sandakan one day. Although Xie Cunguan wanted to play by himself from the heart, one was to put Lin Bingxin away, and the other…


No matter how strong the opponent is, no matter the final outcome, she can’t stop now, and she doesn’t want to stop, even if she is scarred and bruised, she must stick to the end.

YanGong stretched out his hand and touched her forehead and asked her if she was stimulated by anything. This decision is so sudden, it’s almost a joke. How could she make such a decision with her precision and composure? She…