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The beginning of a fallen new life is always like this. Volume 60

Chapter 60 Today last year, the peach blossoms in this door set each other off. Peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze when people don’t know where to go. Time is like water, the deceased is like this. A…


"Quiet Lan Huo congenital Xuan Yan … Return to your place!"

As soon as Qin Nan’s gods controlled the two kinds of flames, they turned into a beautiful fire lotus and a mysterious fire lotus. They were very obedient and fell on Yuan Ying’s two shoulders in the abdomen of Qin…


Fengyun light immediately bounced out of bed and stared at the surprise eyes. "You mean what you say? Fifty taels of silver in one lump sum? "

Xiao Linchu nodded. "Yes, but after I have the conditions, I am not allowed to go to Qing and Lou, and I am not allowed to see Xiao again …" Fengyun frowned lightly and shook her head. "It’s that simple?"…


Liu Xixi felt that her little face was perfect for barbecue at this time, so she was ashamed and became angry.

"How come the temple is so useless? It’s not bright yet, and you’re still conscientious. You just read a few words and flirt with my daughter! !” Liu Xi turned his face at night I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t…


Mu Hongdou complained

Of course, Zhouyi is not a kind person. On the contrary, he is an affectionate species. There are naturally reasons why Zhouyi didn’t immediately look for Luo Qing Xue and Mu Hongdou. His school didn’t have a public relationship with…


"What’s your problem?" RuXiaoNan glanced at him.

"Bolen stop that now" aside MuShiYu faint way Mubolun had to accept his fate and start the deployment again. About an hour later, the method in the room burst into harsh brilliance. "Became" RuXiaoNan hands knot successfully array array array….


Xie Cunguan’s body was knocked back by this elbow.

Tian Shengji immediately felt wrong and shouted carefully! Xie Cunguan has retreated to the side of the soil and fertilizer wall to pull Xiao Pang back for a round. Just then, I heard a bang, and sitting on the other…


It seems that the more urgent he is, the more potential he has. When Gongsun Zhi anxiously stares at the Emperor Phoenix Night, he relies on that little thought to support the fear that when he receives Liu Sunseeker’s death, he will be completely out of control! !

W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club. Chapter 294 A thought of good and evil Will not survive or become a complete demon, and each ending is something that their loyal families don’t want to see….