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"He said he wanted to invite me to his house." Bi Tian went on to say, "This gentleman just acted to prove that he is a master who likes to make friends with strange masters most in his life. He took the liberty of inviting him to my humble abode."

"Do you want to go? Bitian "I looked at Bitian and asked him a so-called" whatever … " "Well, then …" I agreed to come without saying no to Bitian, and then he led me away from the scene. "wow!…


"But" Peng Tian hesitated and suddenly looked up and said, "Gentleman, with all due respect, you wouldn’t object if you directly asked the master to take over the family."

"No, no, no, no, no,no." Mu Mingfeng put a neatly folded handkerchief in his pocket and stretched out a finger and gently shook it in front of Peng Tian. "If you want a white man and a man to really…


That night, he went back to his room to sleep early at about ten o’clock, but he didn’t really fall asleep when he was lying in bed.

After tossing and turning the bed for more than an hour, he suddenly got up and went straight to the operation room. Sure enough, Christie is looking at the screen in the operation room and doesn’t know what to watch….


To Ye Tianyun, General Su Lao showed a little smile on his face. He believed Ye Tianyun and was satisfied with his speed.

Ye Tianyun’s thinness is equal to his height. He is almost a head shorter than Zhou Chi. Ye Tianyun feels that even if his strength is worse than Zhou Chi, his speed will definitely occupy the absolute wind, so he…


The waves shrugged and smiled. "I can tell you that Sakura is not dead. When someone comes to save her, of course, she may bleed to death after a long time."

She said, "Well, if you want to lead me to Sakura and worry about my life, I won’t kill you." The waves frowned and said, "Did I tell you that she had to go alone?" The waves know in their…


Now is the time to fight for your life. Xiao Lingyu doesn’t have much idea to dawdle with these alien strong people. He will also release the serpent swallowing dragons and ice-cold wild silkworms.

The strength of these two pets is comparable to that of robbing the strong, and the cold and heat attack after their combination is even more frightening. Hot skyfire and colorful "color" with a strange cold fog are like two…


"Ah …"

No matter what Xie An said, Yao Lao always blamed himself very much; It’s Gu Jinxi, who goes there and how to get there? Just after it was so unpleasant in the afternoon, why don’t you ask someone to treat…


Before that, he said that he would let them leave themselves alone and sacrifice their beauty. At this moment in the future, he would take action to tell them that everything they had done was a sacrifice.

And the way to tell them is to give up this relationship yourself! So he didn’t choose to leave, which became his only choice. Perhaps his leaving is the best way to make them dare to find their own future….